Pike and San Isabel National Forests and Cimarron and Comanche National Grasslands Project Spotlights

All Current and Recent Projects

Note: Not all projects may appear on map. See list below for complete list of projects with more information or documentation.

Developing Proposal

  • Buffalo Creek (543-5.3) Bridge Replacement

    Replace a failing wooden bridge on NFSR 543 over Buffalo Creek with a concrete three-sided structure.

  • Buffalo Creek Work Center Office and Engine Storage Additions

    Construct new office space (~3,212 sq. ft.) and additional engine bay space (~516 sq.ft.) on the existing Engine Storage building. The total area of disturbance would be approx. 0.8 acre, all within the work center site.

  • Crystal Creek Mine Plans of Operation

    The FS has received 3 proposals to explore for and mine pegmatite gemstones in the Crystal Creek Mining Area on 9 unpatented mining claims. Total disturbance is 2 acres per season and 15 acres over the next 10 years.

Under Analysis

  • 2024 Salida RD Toilet Replacements

    Install new vault toilet building at the Denny Creek and Avalanche Trailheads and two new vault toilet buildings in Coaldale Campground. Existing toilet buildings at these sites would additionally be decommissioned and removed.

  • Ambrosier Pipeline Special Use Permit

    The Forest Service proposes to issue a Special Use Permit for a 20-year term to allow a private landowner to install, maintain and use a new 660-foot buried waterline and electric line on NFS land between his two parcels of private land

  • Amendment to Special Use Permit LDV733-Public Service Company of CO (PSCo) Lines 9254, 9255 and 9257

    The Forest Service is responding to Xcel's request to amend their existing SUP to authorize access to and the rebuild of Transmission Lines 9254, 9255, and 9257 across National Forest System lands. The application includes additional access and ROWs.

  • Aubrey Trail Allotment Overflow Pond

    The Forest Service is proposing to authorize the Campo Grazing Association to construct an overflow pond at the end of the pipeline located in Unit 3 of the Aubrey Trail Allotment.

  • Dispersed Camping Management, Leadville and Salida Ranger Districts

    The FS proposes to analyze the effects of vehicle-based dispersed camping to identify where and what actions may be needed to respond to resource concerns and/or conflicts with other forest uses.

  • East Park North Divide Fuels Reduction

    The forest is proposing a combination of vegetation treatments and prescribed fire on approximately 19,000 acres to reduce hazardous fuel loading while improving forest health and resiliency to high severity wildfires, insect outbreaks and disease.

  • Far and Wide Abandoned Mine Land Safety Closures

    The FS proposes to safeguard 26 abandoned mine land features on the South Park Ranger District.

  • Halfmoon Aquatic Organism Passage

    This project proposes to replace an existing culvert on Forest Service Road 110 (Halfmoon Road) that crosses Halfmoon Creek at the Mount Massive trailhead. This includes moving the culvert, realigning the road and trail and adjusting the parking.

  • Host Campsite Holding Tanks at Blue Lake, Ophir Creek, Purgatoire and Bear Lake Campgrounds

    Proposal to install 1,500 Gal concrete holding vault tanks at camp host sites in the Purgatoire, Ophir, Bear and Blue Lakes Campgrounds on the San Carlos District.

  • Integrated Management of Target Shooting on the Pike National Forest

    (Formerly the AIMS of Target Shooting project) This project will establish an adaptive framework to manage the opportunities for and effects of target shooting (recreational sport shooting) on the Pike National Forest.

  • Interlaken Bat Project

    FS proposes to install a 5'x5', prefabricated bat condo to provide a suitable maternity roosting site and subsequently exclude bats from roosting in the Dexter cabin.

  • Kite Lake Improvement Plan

    This project addresses increased recreation that is putting stress on resources and infrastructure at the Kite Lake site and Buckskin Gulch corridor. The plan may modify: the roadway, campground, parking lot, bathrooms, land ownership and mgmt.

  • Locke Park Land Exchange

    Equal value land exchange of 100 acres of federal land for 120 acres of private land between the US Forest Service and Rainbow Trail Lutheran Camp

  • Lower North-South Vegetation Management

    The Forest Service proposes to use vegetation treatments such as tree thinning, prescribed burning, and/or other fuel reduction methods on appx. 116,600 acres to reduce the intensity of fires and create healthier forest conditions.

  • Manitou Lake Picnic Area Improvements

    Proposed improvements including replacing the bridge over the dam, raising portions of the boardwalk, repairing erosion on the dam face and on the shoreline, widening and hardening the Manitou Lake Tr, constructing hardened paths, replacing benches

  • Mesa View Allotment Pipeline

    Install 3,400 ft of 1  inch water pipeline from existing solar well in Mesa view allotment into Palmona Allotment to provide better distribution of livestock.

  • Missouri Gulch Trail #1469 Avalanche and Landslide Realignments

    Due to an avalanche in 2019 and a landslide in 2022, trail realignment and/or reconstruction are necessary to locate the trail in a sustainable location away from a waterway. Rerouting or reconstruction of up to 3/4 of a mile trail are proposed.

  • Monarch Crest Duo

    1.75 mile single track addition to the Monarch Crest Trail #531 connecting to Marshall Pass along with an improved trail head at Hutchinson Cabin. 0.5 mile reroute on the Monarch Crest Trail #531 north of the Green Creek junction with Monarch Crest

  • Monarch Ski Area Expansion

    Monarch Mountain is proposing to expand its special use permit boundary by approximately 377 acres to develop 139 acres of new terrain. The ski area also proposes a new 2700 foot long chairlift, a warming hut, restroom, and access road.

  • Mule Creek Gravel Pit expansion

    The PSICC is considering a proposal from Mule Creek Gravel, LLC to expand their current pit from 10.3 acres to 21.8 acres (increase of 11.5 acres) over the next ten years. Operations began in 2000 and Mule Creek has operated the pit since 2019.

  • Permit amendment for LDV734 Xcel Utility Connection

    Proposal to amend permit to remove and replace a wooden powerline pole at 38.474965, -106.002925 with a taller pole and run an underground primary 1440 Volt line. The line will be buried under National Forest System Road 108.

  • Pikes Peak Ranger District Dispersed Camping Project

    Management actions to reduce impacts to the natural environment from dispersed camping and improve camping experiences for the public.

  • Rampart Fuel Break

    The purpose of this project is to establish and reinforce fuel breaks along roads in high priority areas to reduce the hazard of high-severity wildfires in communities neighboring the project area.

  • South Park Ranger District Dispersed Camping Project

    Recreation project that will focus on improving the natural environment and providing better dispersed camping experiences for the public.

  • Special Use Authorization for Kucera Driveway

    Review proponent's application to use an existing route to access a patented mining claim off Weston Pass Road. The proposed route is approximately 1710 feet long, 10 feet wide, and currently used by Xcel Energy for line access.

  • Special Use Authorization for Road to Jeffery Martin

    Salida Ranger District has received a proposal from private property owner, Jeffery Martin to obtain a special use permit for use and maintenance of a road to serve as private motorized access his private property on National Forest System lands.

  • Special Use Authorization for use of NFSR108

    Proposal to issue permit to Fremont/Methodist Tower Users Group for use and maintenance of an existing administrative portion of NFSR 108 for access and maintenance at the Fremont and Methodist Mtn Communication Site

  • Special Use Authorization to Rebuild a 115kV Transmission Line, 9811

    Proposal to amend the existing permit issued to Xcel Energy to approve actions to rebuild the existing transmission line. The BLM is lead agency.

  • State of Colorado Private Mobile Radio Communication Site

    Amend State of Colorado's existing special use authorization. Their proposal is to remove/decommission the existing 50-foot guyed tower and 25-foot self-supported tower and replace them with a 40-foot self-supported tower.

  • Tomichi and Kebler AML Physical Safety Closures

    The physical closure of 24 abandoned, inactive mine features such as open adits and shafts which pose the greatest physical hazard to the public. The closures include actions to restore, reclaim, abate, control, or prevent the adverse effects.

  • Twin Lakes Vegetation Management Project

    There is a need to mitigate the potential impacts from high intensity wildfire to the watershed, reservoir, and other resources. Proposed vegetation treatments include mechanical/hand-thinning, firewood/product removal, and prescribed burning.

  • USAFA Farish Recreation Area Road SUP

    Renew a SUP for use and maintenance of FS309 and to add a new small section of road that is encroaching NFS lands around Grace Lake. A sign and buried electric wire is also included in the previous SUP

  • Veith New Road Special Use Permit Proposal

    Construction, Use and Maintenance of a new road to access private property.

Analysis Completed

  • Dutch Fred Skills Area

    Build two off road practice areas totaling 11.3 acres for OHV use in the area of the Dutch Fred trailhead, reroute part of trail. This action was previously scoped as part of "Single Track NFS Trail 770 Extension & Training Area Construction" project

  • Human Potential LLC Rainbow Trail Foot Race

    An organized foot race (50 mile, 50K and a 100K) on the Rainbow trail between the Grape Creek TH and on Hermit Pass Road.

  • Monarch Park Campground Renovation

    The USFS proposes to renovate a 65-year-old campground to include rehabilitating unsustainable sites, adding sites & facilities, and adding ADA-accessibile facilities while keeping with the rustic character of semi-primitive, motorized camping.

  • Operation Annex, Loading Dock Doors, Entrance Gate and Machine Storage at Monarch Mountain Base

    The Forest Service is responding to Monarch Mountains request to amend their existing SUP to build an Annex building, add garage doors to the loading dock, install an electronic entrance gate, and add a machine storage facility.

  • Pike & San Isabel National Forests Motorized Travel Management (MVUM) Analysis

    Analysis of roads, trails, and areas on the Pike and San Isabel National Forest

  • Seasonal Trail Closures

    The Forest Service proposes to seasonally close National Forest System Trails 1412, 1336, and 1434 to all uses to protect big game winter range.

  • Special Use Permit for State of CO Private Mobile Radio Communication Site

    The Forest Service proposes to issue a special use permit to the State of CO to build a new private mobile radio site on Methodist Mountain to include constructing a 100%u2019 tower, a concrete building & placement of 2-1000-gallon propane tanks.

  • Wet Mountains Wildfire Potential Control Locations

    In order to address the threat of landscape-scale wildfire in the Wet Mountains, the FS proposes to increase the defensibility of potential control features, such as roads & trails, by reducing fuels mechanically, with hand treatments, and Rx fire.

On Hold

  • Bootleg Campground Decommission

    The Bootleg Campground site furnishings have reached the end of life cycle both in condition and in requirements for safety and accessibility. All site furnishings will be removed and the campground will be decommissioned.

  • NFSR 203 Poncha Creek Reroute

    NFSR 203 lies immediately adjacent to Poncha Creek causing impacts to riparian & watershed resources and risking public safety during flood events. The proposal is to move the road alignment upland for 1 mile and rehabilitate the old roadbed.


  • 2017 Special Use Authorization Re-Issuances

    A proposal to re-issue expired existing special use permits on the South Park Ranger District

  • Administrative Communication Towers

    The Pike/San Isabel National Forests and Cimarron/Comanche National Grasslands (PSICC)proposes to install eleven versa communication towers for government administrative use.

  • Colorado Springs 100 Running Race - Application withdrawn

    100 mile, 100k, and 50k running race on Forest Roads 370, 383, Pikes Peak Highway and Forest Trails 624, 665, 666, 667, 668, 671, 672, 652, 620, 701, 753, 776, and 785 with 500-1,000 participants on 8/8/20 at 6:00 am through 8/9/20 at 12 pm.

  • Managing Visitor Use at Mount Bierstadt & Guanella Pass

    To consider changes to management of recreation activities at Mount Bierstadt and the Guanella Pass summit area.

  • Minnie Canyon Rehabilitation Project

    The purpose and need of this project is to protect the Minnie Canyon area's many cultural and natural resources

  • PSICC Oil and Gas Leasing Analysis EIS

    The PSICC is analyzing the Forests and Grasslands to determine oil and gas leasing availability.

  • Redemption Mine Plan of Operations

    This project has been combined into the Crystal Creek MPO project and is no longer being analyzed as a separate project.

  • Slide Mountain - Range Allotment Management Planning

    Update of range allotment management plan for the Slide Mtn. - Cattle and Horse allotment.

  • South Park Illegal Route Management

    There is a need to develop an adaptive approach to close and rehabilitate illegal routes (typically motorized) on the South Park Ranger District. Management actions will be selected based on the location, damage, and potential for further impacts.

  • Special Use Permit for Generator Installation and Use at Granite Communication Site

    Analyze potential effect for authorization of a special use permit for installation use and maintenance of a 80 kV deisel generator including a 8' x 8' cement pad at existing communication facility, Granite Mountain Communication Site

  • Tri-State Generation and Transmission Special Use Authorization

    Tri-State Generation and Transmission has submitted a proposal for a Special Use Authorization for use & occupancy of an existing 230 kV transmission line on NFS lands. The special use permit would replace Tri-States expired permit for this line.

  • UAWCD Reservoir Analysis

    EIS level analysis to authorize the issuance of term Special Use Permits to the Upper Arkansas Water Conservancy District (UAWCD) in order to operate and maintain the North Fork, Boss, and O'Haver water storage facilities.

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