Schedule of Proposed Actions (SOPA)

The Rogue River-Siskiyou National Forest Schedule of Proposed Actions (SOPA) is published quarterly and contains reports on the Rogue River-Siskiyou National Forest's proposed activities, and invites involvement as part of implementing the National Environmental Policy Act (NEPA).

Current & Recent Forest NEPA Projects

Projects are proposed actions that are analyzed through the NEPA process (EIS, EA, or CE) that involves analyzing different alternatives to the proposed action, requires public notice and comment, and results in a NEPA decision (ROD, DN, or DM) which, subject to an administrative appeals process, and is implemented on the ground. The Forest Projects below are projects that we are analyzing or have analyzed under the NEPA process. Projects that are "Developing Proposal" or "Under Analysis" may have an opportunity for public collaboration and input on the proposed actions and the analysis being conducted.

Disclosure Notice: It is the practice of the Rogue River-Siskiyou National Forest to make comments, including names and addresses of respondents, available for public review. Unless you specifically request us to withhold your name and address, it may be part of the record under NEPA and could be made available to the public upon request. Read more about the Schedule of Proposed Actions (SOPA).

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Rogue River-Siskiyou National Forest Current and Recent Projects

Note: Not all projects may appear on map. See list below for complete list of projects with more information or documentation.

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Developing Proposal

Applegate River Kayaking and Rafting SUP

Provide 1/2 day, 2/3 day, and full day guided inflatable kayak and raft trips on the Applegate River. Put in would be just below Applegate Dam where Country Road 859 crosses the Applegate River.

ERFO Repairs

Proposed action is to repair the 22 ERFO sites within the current road prism to restore traffic to the roadway.

Forest Wide Sensitive Plant Habitat Enhancement and Huckleberry Restoration in the SIA and HCRD

The forest wide sensitive plant habitat enhancement project encompasses 8 plant species located at 201 sub-populations totaling 634 acres. Huckleberry restoration in the SIA entails planting 70 acres within high soil burn severity patches.

Illinois River Hiking Outfitter Guide SUP

Provide backpacking trips for youth in groups of 12 along the Illinois River. From Briggs Creek Trailhead groups will backpack downstream for 2.5 miles, camp along the river and beaches (2 days), and return to trailhead on same route (2 days).

Siskiyou Crest Camp to Camp Hiking and Running Trips SUP

Provide 2 to 4 day guided hiking and running trips along the Siskiyou Crest on the Pacific Crest Trail, starting from Mt Ashland and ending at Cook and Green Pass. Group size will be up to 15 people. Camping will be at existing and dispersed sites.

Under Analysis

Bowen WUI Project

The intent of this project is to reduce fuels, and increase resiliency of the stands through commercial, and mechanical thinning. Activity fuels may be either piled, or loped and scattered.

Fish Lake Boat Ramp Extension

The intent of this project is to improve the safety of and extend the season for launching trailered boats into Fish Lake. By expanding the current boat ramp it will make the lake accessible during low water years. The ramp can be paved or rocked.

Forest Plan Amendments for the Pacific Connector Gas Pipeline

The Forest Service is proposing to amend the Land and Resource Management Plans (LRMP) for the Umpqua, Rogue River, and Winema National Forests for the proposed Pacific Connector Gas Pipeline.

Hart-Tish Recreation Site Water System Improvements

Upgrades and maintenance on the water and wastewater systems at Hart-Tish Recreation Site adjacent to Applegate Lake.

Hoyt Tank and Trench Project

Authorize the installation of a buried cistern and waterline at a recreation residence (Hoyt, Lot1, Tract H, Block B) to provide water for the residence. The system would be buried behind the already permitted outbuilding.

Iron Mountain Communication Site

This is an existing communication site that the current permitee is not interested in anymore. The new permitee would use the site for amateur radio operations.

Jackson County Parks Special Use Permit Renewal

This is a renewal of an existing special use permit for sewage retention ponds on NFS for willow lake campgrounds and willow lake resort. They are permitted by ODEQ. The permit would be requested for a 20 year term.

Large Wood Supply for Stream Restoration Projects

Identifying, marking, and removing roadside conifers, in the East Fork Illinois Watershed, to be used for stream restoration. Trees measuring 15" to 30" in diameter, located in over stocked stands near stream projects would be used.

Motorized trail bridge for Frog Lake creek crossing

Install a trail bridge across Frog Lake Creek on road 3313.100. The bridge would be approximately 42 feet long and 68 inches wide which would be wide enough for all-terrain-vehicles as well as non-motorized users but not full-sized vehicles.

Powers Ranger District Waterline Special Use Permit Renewal

Reissuance of a special use permit for a waterline for domestic use. This waterline runs underneath the parking lot of the Powers Ranger District.

Shasta Agness Landscape Restoration Project

Improve or maintain the quality of unique forest habitats, accelerate late seral conditions, improve or restore aquatic and riparian habitat, and promote quality sustainable recreational opportunities; project-specific plan amendment proposed.

Southport Timber Road Access

SouthPort Timber Co. proposes to open, use and maintain approximately 0.2 miles (1,056 feet) of existing, non-system road to access their private property. No other access exists and this road was most likely used in the past.

Stella Restoration Project

The Stella project's objectives are to restore and reestablish forest structure and pattern, vegetation composition, and diversity, and riparian communities to conditions that are more resilient to natural disturbances.

Upper Applegate Watershed Restoration

Restore biological, physical, and chemical processes and functions to ensure the long-term ecological sustainability of the public lands in the Upper Applegate Watershed. This project is jointly proposed between BLM and FS.

Upper Briggs Creek

Thinning and prescribed burning to promote vegetation diversity, preserve legacy pines and oaks, restore meadow habitat, and provide fire resiliency; decommission or storage of excess roads; fish passage improvement. Approx. 3500 acres affected.

Upper Bull Gap Trail Modification

Adding natural challenge features to the Upper Bull Gap Trail for approximately 1 mile. The trail begins at the Mt Ashland ski area parking lot, and ends at the junction of forest road 2080.

Analysis Completed

2017 Roadside Danger Tree Abatement

Danger Tree removal along roadsides that were affected by 2017 fires.

Big Pines Restoration

Variable density and radial thinning to remove encroaching Douglas-fir, white fir, and dense understory around large old trees, followed by underburning.

Cascades Managed Stands

Thinning of established plantations across the High Cascades Ranger District

Chetco Fire Salvage Project

The proposed project focuses on salvage within the 13,626 acres of matrix that incurred 50-100% canopy cover loss during the Chetco Bar Fire.

Chetco River Bridge Rehabilitation

Repair of North Bank Chetco River bridge superstructure and concrete pier

Eden Ridge Timber Sales

Commercial thinning, root disease treatments and planting on approx. 3,736 acres of candidate stands regenerated in the 1920s-40s and located on Matrix under NWFP. Includes 72 treatment units using ground-based and aerial logging systems.

Fire Use Amendment

An administrative action involving the modification of wording for management direction and S&Gs regarding management response to fires, including refinement of S&Gs, removal of limitations on responses and clarifications of language.

Gold Beach Ranger Station Water System Update

This project includes replacement of the existing water distribution system at the Gold Beach Ranger Station.

Motorized Vehicle Use on the Rogue River-Siskiyou National Forest Supplement

Supplement to the Motorized Vehicle Use on the Rogue River-Siskiyou National Forest EIS.

Mt. Ashland Ski Area Expansion Supplement

Supplement to the Mt. Ashland Ski Area Expansion EIS.

Pyramid Timber Sale

Commercial thinning of natural pole stands in matrix, app. 351 acres

Replacement of Hartish Boat Ramp

Replace the existing 450 foot long steel guide beam; current boat dock attaches to with a 2-foot by 4-foot concrete guide that a new ADA accessible boat dock will attach to. All work will occur on existing concrete boat ramp during low water period.

Rustler Vegetation Management

Vegetation management projects to provide commodities, reduce natural fueloading, and to provide for stand diversity

On Hold

Applegate Allotment Management Project

Grazing on federal lands will be evaluated. This effort would ensure updated information is provided for the sustained health of rangeland and forest ecosystems.

Cleopatra Test Drilling

Red Flat Nickel Corp. plans to drill 59 3-inch diameter holes to a depth of 50 feet to obtain core samples of minerals in Curry County, Oregon. Equipment and personnel would be transported and removed via helicopter.

Danger Tree Management FS Road #3300.

The goal is to improve safety along Forest Service road 3300 for public and Forest Service employees. Danger trees that have the potential to fall onto the roadway will be felled and removed within approximately 200 feet on either side.

J. Herbert Stone Nursery Herbicide Use

Authorize the use of modern Hesticides for use in the JHS Nursery's integrated pest management program to improve effectiveness, reduce environmental impacts, and increase worker and public health and safety.

Perk's Cabin Defensible Space

Proposed treatments to reduce hazardous fuel loadings around Perks Cabin to create a fuel break to protect the historical administrative site, enhancement of wildlife habitat, timbered stands, range conditions, and protect range improvements


Elk River Aquatic Restoration

Place large wood into and adjacent to ~2 miles of stream to improve habitat for fish and other aquatic species. Thin(non-commercial)~500 acres of previously harvested and dense stands to stimulate the development of mature forest near streams.

Elk River Watershed Restoration Planning Project

This project proposes to: improve or maintain the quality of unique forest habitats; accelerate late seral conditions; improve or restore aquatic and riparian habitats; promote quality sustainable recreational opportunities; and reduce fuels.

RF-38 Test Drilling

Red Flat Nickel Corp. plans to drill 35 3-inch diameter holes to a depth of 50 feet to obtain core samples of minerals adjacent to existing roads. No new roads would be constructed. About 1200 feet of road would be brushed.

Project Archive

Some of our older projects can be accessed in our Project Archive.