Schedule of Proposed Actions (SOPA)

Produced four times a year, this report shows the public proposed projects for the next three months under the provisions of NEPA. The information is displayed in table format by the administrative unit (Region, Forest, or District) responsible for the proposal. Members of the public interested in any projects need to inform the contact person listed to receive information during project scoping. Scoping is the process that informs the public of a project and seeks issues and concerns. It is considered the beginning of the environmental analysis process.

To view our Schedule of Proposed Actions, please visit the Forest Service SOPA page for the Francis Marion and Sumter National Forests.

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Francis Marion and Sumter National Forests Current and Recent Projects

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Developing Proposal

Cane Gully

This project would consist of vegetation, wildlife habitat, wetland, recreation, and transportation improvements in an effort to move the project area toward desired conditions outlined in the forest plan.

Central Electric Power Coop - McClellanville 115 Kv Line

Construct a 115 KV powerline to McClellanville, SC.

Under Analysis

Andrew Pickens White Pine Management

The project would treat approximately 2,200 acres in 66 stands of white pine plantations scattered across the Andrew Pickens Ranger District.

Francis Marion Prescribed Burning Adaptive Management Strategy

The proposed action describes an adaptive management strategy to manage prescribed fire on approximately 259,000 acres of national forest lands and nearby tracts of state and private lands covered in a Wyden agreement.

Iredell Thinning Project

Thin approximately 2,766 acres of loblolly pine and loblolly pine removal on approximately 44 acres for hardwood conversion. Herbicide would be used to control early pioneering species in both the thin and pine removal stands.

McCombs Bottoms Wetland Restoration Project

Six (6) ephemeral wetlands would be restored. Work would consist of: creating shallow depressions; installing ground-water dams as necessary; filling-in ditches that are currently draining the wetlands; and, re-vegetating disturbed areas.

Palmetto Trail Ross Mountain Project

Construction of 3.1 miles of new trail for mountain biking and hiking from Stumphouse Passage to Oconne State Park.

RENEW Mechanical Treatments

Mechanical treatment of approximately 2,873 acres by mowing or mastication of understory and mid-story woody vegetation to improve vegetation conditions for wildlife, including protection of red-cockaded woodpecker clusters.

Restoration and Maintenance of the Tibwin Complex (South and North) Water Impoundments

The proposed project would replace aging and obsolete water control structures and rehabilitate and restore ditches/canals to improve function and efficiency.

Sumter Forest Plan Amendment to update standard FW-40

Updates to the Sumter forest plan are needed to clarify how the risk of pesticide use is evaluated.

Sumter Non-native Invasive Plant Control

Control of non-native invasive plants on the Sumter National Forest using herbicide applications. The proposal includes treatment of non-native invasive private and state lands under a Wyden agreement.

Supplement to the AP Loblolly Pine Removal and Restoration Project

Additional loblolly pine stands have been located and would be treated. Other loblolly units would be changed to commercial treatments. Site prep prescribed burning and 2 additional herbicides would be added. There would be some changes to woodlands.

Suppression of Pine Beetles II

Control beetle outbreaks and improve overall forest health by using sanitation harvests in conjunction with normal beetle suppression techniques on over 60 current and future beetle outbreaks.

Analysis Completed

Enoree Herbicide Release and Herbicide Site Preparation

Controlling non-desirable trees with herbicide to promote the growth of planted and naturally growing loblolly pine trees.

Watershed Response to Longleaf Pine Restoration Project

The project will assess the hydrological response after longleaf restoration and commercial thinning has occurred on approximately 278 acres within watershed 77 of the Santee Experimental Forest, Francis Marion Ranger District.

On Hold

2018 Awendaw Trail Relocation and Bank Stabilization

The purpose of this project is to repair the floating dock, stabilize the bank, and relocate sections of the Awendaw Passage of the Palmetto Trail that were damaged during the 2015 & 2016 flood events

FM Wardfield Green Tree Reservoir Project

The Francis Marion Ranger District is proposing to create a new green tree reservoir (GTR). A GTR is a seasonally flooded wetland managed for waterfowl.

Recreation Decommissioning

This project will align the Sumter National forests outdoor recreation offerings with forest strengths/niche, changes in user demand/preferences, and reduced budgets in order to provide a more sustainable and beneficial program to the public.

Tibwin Tract Prescribed Burn Project

Introduce prescribed fire on approximately 798 acres in compartment 217 (Tibwin Tract) on the Francis Marion National Forest


AND072_ATT Permit Renewal

Renewal permit for all existing lines in Oconee County, 7,183 feet exisiting fiber optic and copper overhead lines with a 10 foot ROW (1.65 acres) and 215,646 feet of existing fiber optic and copper underground lines with a 5 foot ROW (24.75 acres).

Outfitting and Guiding Special Use Permit

The US Forest Service is proposing to grant outfitting and guiding special use permits to businesses on the Andrew Pickens Ranger District, Sumter National Forest in South Carolina.

Restoration and Maintenance of Wildlife Habitat on the Sumter National Forest

Restoration and maintenance of existing wildlife openings and linear strips on the three Ranger Districts of the Sumter National Forest.

Wambaw Cycle Trail Expansion Project

The Francis Marion National Forest is proposing activities to add improvements to the Wambaw Cycle Trail that include: Adding one mile of a 36" wide single track dirt bike trail, developing a north loop trailhead, and 1 mile trail connector.

Project Archive

Some of our older projects can be accessed in our Project Archive.