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Photograph of Lake Creek Campground


Schedule of Proposed Actions Quarterly Report

To view the current Schedule of Proposed Actions report for the Shoshone, please visit the Forest Service SOPA page for the Shoshone National Forest. (Past reports are also available.)

If you want to receive further information about any project on the SOPA report, notify the project contact person shown on the schedule. The contact will add your name to the mailing list for all future information related to the project, such as the scoping letter, environmental analysis document (if prepared), decision document, and other National Environmental Policy Act documents.

Appeals and Litigation

Forest Service managers make many resource management decisions, which may be subject to appeal (request to a higher authority for administrative review of a decision).

Click here to view Shoshone appeal responses issued before October 1, 2006.

Click here to view Shoshone appeal responses issued after October 1, 2006.

Pre-decisional Objections

Proposed Forest Service decisions regarding hazardous fuel reduction projects are subject to a pre-decisional review process. In these cases, the public may submit comments on the project for consideration before the final decision is signed.

Click here to view objection responses for the Shoshone.

Shoshone National Forest Current and Recent Projects

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Developing Proposal

Absaroka Mountain Lodge Resort Permit

The Forest Service is proposing to issue a new permit to Gunbarrel Creek, Inc who is purchasing Absaroka Mountain Lodge from Shooting Star Enterprises, Inc. There are no changes proposed to the current permit held by Shooting Star Enterprises, Inc.

Cody Country Snowmobile Association Shelter Permit Renewal

The Forest Service is proposing to issue a new permit to the Cody Country Snowmobile Association to operate and maintain a shelter. The permit authorizes them to place a trailer within the Island Lake Campground. The permit expired 12/31/2017.

J Bar 9 Land Exchange

The Shoshone National Forest is considering a proposal to exchange approximately 107 acres of Forest lands in the South Fork Valley for approximately 118 acres of private land in the Russell Creek drainage under the General Exchange Act of 1922.

PacifiCorp dba Rocky Mountain Power Permit Renewal

The proposal is to renew a term special use permit to PacifiCorp, dba Rocky Mountain Power, for the operation and maintenance of a powerline system. All 40 permits would be combined into one master permit.

Under Analysis

Adventure Cycling Association Ten-year Outfitter and Guide Permit Issuance

Issuance of a ten year outfitter and guide permit to Adventure Cycling Association to authorize multiple cycling tours to operate annually on National Forest System Lands across the Rocky Mountain Region.

Central Wyoming College Comm. Site Permit Renewal

The Forest is proposing to renew the Central Wyoming College Communications Uses Permit (WKD201101)

DTE Fiber Optic Line Relocation

The Shoshone National Forest is proposing to authorize DTE to relocate approximately 520%u2019 of existing copper and fiber optic lines that provide critical long haul and local services to the communities of Dubois and Jackson.

DTE Tower Base Modification

Shoshone National Forest is proposing to authorize T-Mobile to reinforce the existing DTE tower base so that available tower space can be maximized to accommodate additional cellular carriers to serve the community of Dubois, Wyoming.

Guard Station Park Basecamp Relocation

Proposal is to move an outfitting and guiding base camp to a new and more appropriate location.

Moose Willow Ranch Fence Permit

The Shoshone National Forest is proposing to issue a special use authorization for the construction and maintenance of 1.6 miles of fence to Moose Willow, LLC to protect a riparian area.

Pine Creek HFRA CE

The Shoshone National Forest is preparing a project under the Healthy Forest Restoration Act in an area that has been identified under Sec 603 of HFRA utilizing the CE in Sec 603.

Seven D Bank Stabilization

This is a proposed long term solution for bank stabilization on Sunlight Creek where it intersects with FSR 101.2A (7D Rd). 200 linear feet of bank will be stabilized using large woody debris and historic gravel will be replaced.

Shoshone National Forest Land Management Plan Supplement

Supplement to the Shoshone NF Land Management Plan, FEIS, and new Record of Decision, limited to the to the potential for disease transmission between domestic sheep, domestic goats, and pack goats, and wild bighorn sheep

Shoshone National Forest Travel Management

The Forest is proposing to make changes to its' motor vehicle use maps for summer and winter travel.

Sunlight Creek Debris-Jam Blasting

The project removes flood caused large wood debris jams to direct flows back to the main Sunlight Channel versus continuing to flow down old road D101.1D.

The Resort at Louis Lake, Resort Permit Renewal

The Shoshone National Forest proposes to renew the Resort Special Use Permit issued to Steve Faerber of the Resort at Louis Lake, LLC located on the Washakie Ranger District about 30 miles Southwest of Lander, WY, just off of Forest Road 300.

Wood River Campground Bank Stabilization

The project will stabilize the left bank of the Wood River at the Wood River Campground using toe-wood structures, reshaping the channel, and reestablishing the bankfull overflow channel on the right bank. The left bank is experiencing lateral scour.

Analysis Completed

Budworm Response Project

The proposal is to treat approximately 2,000 acres using a combination of vegetation management prescriptions including sanitation salvage, shelterwood/seed tree harvest prescription.

Lava Mountain Project

The proposal is to treat approximately 5,367 acres using the following methods: Sanitation Salvage; Group Selection; Pre-commercial thinning; and Prescribed burning of piles.

Sleeping Giant Ski Area Development Projects

Proposed developments at Sleeping Giant Ski Area, including a zip line and a snow tubing area.

On Hold

Mountain Bike Route Designation Project

Addition of approximately 35 miles of non-motorized trails to the system and designation of mountain bike routes.


Access Authorization For Two Private Parcels

Issuance of a road use easement for access to private parcels held by the EA Ranch and Horse Creek Lodge.

Bliss Creek Outfitter Camp Hazard Tree Mitigation

The Forest Service is proposing to move the existing base camp from the current location at the confluence of Bliss creek and the South Fork of the Shoshone to a nearby location in the vicinity.

Burroughs Creek Ditch

Proposal to issue an authorization for a water-conveyance ditch to convey water from National Forest System lands to a private ranch.

Cycle Greater Yellowstone Bicycle Tour

We are proposing to issue a special use permit for a bicycle tour which could include up to 800 participants.

Eagle Creek Fish Management Special Use Permit

The Forest Service is proposing to issue a Special Use Permit to Wyoming Game and Fish to occupy National Forest System lands in the Washakie Wilderness to apply rotenone to a portion of Eagle Creek.

Livestock Grazing Management and Permit Issuance (2013).

Analysis of livestock management on the Meeteetse, Pickett Creek, Sage Creek and Piney Creek Allotments on the Greybull Ranger District and the Bear Creek, Wiggins Fork, Warm Springs and Wind River Allotments on the Wind River Ranger District.

Mooncrest Ranch Waterline Special Use Permit Re-issuance

The proposal is to reissue a water transmission permit to the Mooncrest Ranch. No changes to the existing permit are proposed.

Priority Use Outfitting and Guiding Permits on the NZ

We are proposing to issue 8 Priority Outfitting and Guiding permits on the North Zone of the Shoshone National Forest.

South Fork Ditch Authorizations

Proposal to issue authorizations for five ditches for the conveyance of water from National Forest System lands to private ranches.

T Cross Ranch Special Use Permit

Proposal to authorize permit for use of approximately four acres of National Forest System lands.

WYDOT Stockpile Fishhawk Site

Issue a special use permit to WYDOT to utilize a 3 acre site near the Fishhawk Trailhead.

Project Archive

Some of our older projects can be accessed in our Project Archive.