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Sierra National Forest Current and Recent Projects

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Under Analysis

Forest-wide Prescribed Fire Project

We propose to use prescribed fire (underburning and pile burning), up to 10,000 acres per year, to address fuel conditions throughout the Sierra National Forest.

Motorized Recreation Project (MRP)

The SNF has committed to the motorized recreation community to examine routes, not previously analyzed and decided, for potential addition to the FS System of roads, OHV areas, and motorized trails.

Musick Fuels Reduction and Landscape Restoration Project

In response to the tree mortality, this project proposes activities within the communities to create areas of reduced fuels along roads and ridges. Proposes to increase the resilience of surviving conifer forests through thinning and Rx fire.

SCE Siphon Circuit Upgrade

Underground 3 mile section of the Siphon 4kv circuit; remove tree attachments, old cable which is not accessible, and relocate adjacent to Hwy 168. Will upgrade to 12kv cable and equipment. Will eliminate costly repairs during the winter months.

Sequoia and Sierra National Forests Land Management Plans Revision

The Sequoia and Sierra National Forests propose to revise their land management plans as guided by the 2012 Planning Rule

Analysis Completed

Exchequer Restoration Project

Implement restoration treatments collaboratively to reduce hazardous fuels, retain/promote large tree and denning/nest structures, promote stand/landscape heterogeneity, meadow restoration and aid natural regeneration of shade intolerant tree species

Iron Telephone Staging Area Toilet Building

Installation of a double vault concrete toilet building at the Iron Telephone Gate located within the Whisky Ridge OHV riding area.

Kamook Motorized Recreation Staging Area

Reconstruction of a 2.1 acre site to develop parking/off loading, replace deterioating toilet, reduce maintenance costs and impacts to natural and cultural resources including soils and water quality.

On Hold

Doublegate/Lone Sequoia/Timberloft Prescribed Burns - NEPA Review

Improve forest health and wildlife forage though reduction of existing fuels, suppressed conifers and brush. A NEPA consistancy review is needed so that prescribed buurning may continue and achieve a "maintenance burn" level through multiple entries.

Miami Fuels Reduction

Fuels reduction in the Miami Creek motorcycle recreation area.

Priority Watershed OHV Route Restoration Project Upper Big Creek and South Fork Willow Creek

The proposed action is to restore 9.55 miles of non-system OHV tracks in the Upper Big Creek Watershed and 3.25 miles of non-system tracks in the South Fork Willow Creek Watershed.

Railroad Restoration Project

Removal of roadside hazard trees, recover the economic value of fire-killed/ fire-damaged trees (collectively hereafter, fire-affected), and re-establish forested conditions.

Special Use Permit Issuance for Phase 2 of the Ferguson Slide Permanent Restoration Project

The Forest Service proposes to approve an SUP allowing Caltrans to construct Phase 2 of the Rockshed/Tunnel Alternative (Alternative R in the FEIS) on the Sierra National Forest.

Yosemite Forks Estates Mutual Water Company Special Use Permit Renewal

Reissue a Special Use Permit for a residential water supply line (12" or less pipeline), forless than 1 mile across Natioanl Forest System lands on the Bass Lake Ranger District of the Sierra National Forest


"007" Motorized Trail Project

The project will develop needed social, economic and natural resource impacts and information to determine the purpose and need for the popular user defined "007" route to establish it's designation as a trail.

Bass Lake Toilets (Granite Creek and Nelder Grove Campgrounds)

Decommission (remove) existing toilets, install new accessible toilet. Granite Creek Campground will remove one 'single' toilet and replace with one 'single' toilet. Nelder Grove Campground will remove two 'double' toilets and replace with one 'do

Concessionaire Permit Extension

Amend existing permit to extend two years for concessionaire permit.

Ely, Balsam, and Bolsillo Creek Diversions Infrastructure Improvement Project

Evaluate the effect of the implementation of the Southern California Edison Company's (SCE's) Ely, Balsam, and Bolsillo Creek Diversions Infrastructure Improvement Project on federally listed threatened, endangered, candidate, and proposed species.

Ershim Meadow Bridge

To protect meadow resources by building a bridge over a perennial water crossing on a congressionally designated OHV Route (Dusy Ershim).

Goat Mountain Communications Site Lease Reissues (3)

Issue a Communications Use Lease to Ponderosa Telephone, AT&T, and Verizon Wireless to authorize existing communication facilities.

Haslett Conservancy Project

This prescribed fire project is bordered by the 10S03 to the South and the 10S60 to the West, North and East.

Home Creek Tract Water System Upgrade

Upgrade water system piping, install tank, and installation of a water flow meter to meet state regulation.

Huntington Basin Project

The purpose of this project is to minimize the risk of uncontrolled fire on the landscape and improve tree vigor and health in the Huntington Basin while maintaining a visually appealing and undeveloped appearing landscape.

Issue Easement for Exchecker-Yosemite 70Kv Transmission Line and Indian Flat Substation

Issue an Easement for approximately 10.4 miles of the Exchecker-Yosemite 70Kv Transmission Line located on the Sierra and Stanislaus National Forests, and the Indian Flat Substation located in the Merced River Canyon in Mariposa County, California.

Pacific Gas and Electric Company Electric Line Facilites Permit Reissue (aka Holdover)

Reissue expired or soon to be expired permits to various (33) PGE electric line and associated access roads.

Ponderosa Telephone Company San Joaquin Experimental Range Project

Install approximately 7424'of buried telephone cable inside a conduit to serve the San Joaquin Experimental Range. Related facilities would include pedestals and above ground warning markers.

SCE Dinkey Pole Replacements

SCE as 4 deteriorated poles within the Dinkey Fisherman's Picnic area that need to be replaced.

SCE Integrated Vegetation Management, Big Creek-Rector 220 kV Transmission Line Right-of-Way

SCE has chosen a 1 mile corridor as a test area to explore a long-term approach to vegetation management within their authorized transmission corridor. Methods include both mechanical and chemical. Their goal is to avoid interruptions and wildfire.

SCE Permit Renewal for Existing Distribution Lines

Renew a special use permit forest-wide for existing distribution lines 33 kilovolts and under on the Sierra National Forest

Sierra Telephone Cedar Valley Fiber and Carrier Site

Install 2,640 feet of new conduit for fiber optic cable and develop a new carrier site in the Cedar Valley area.

Try Me Placer Mining Project

The proposal includes mining gold bearing gravels along 1500 feet of channel, setting up a camp and storage area, diversion of water around the mining operation, constructing a sediment pond and small earthen dam to pond water and reclamation.

West Chiquito Ecological Restoration Project

This project is ON HOLD due to a recent fire.

Project Archive

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