Projects are proposed actions that are analyzed through the NEPA process (EIS, EA, or CE) that involves analyzing different alternatives to the proposed action, requires public notice and comment, and results in a NEPA decision (ROD, DN, or DM) which, subject to an administrative appeals process, and is implemented on the ground.

The Forest Projects below are projects that we are analyzing or have analyzed under the NEPA process. 

Siuslaw National Forest Current and Recent Projects

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Developing Proposal

Riparian Restoration Project

Thin about 22 acres within 6 stands of less than 80 year old Douglas-fir plantations to evaluate the effects of thinning plantations in riparian areas, with a particular focus on wood recruitment to streams, coho salmon and its habitat.

Under Analysis

Hebo Culvert Replacements with Aquatic Organism Replacement Structures

Replace the four failing undersized culverts with an AOP structure on Boulder Creek at old Boulder Creek Road, at Jewel Creek and two AOPs at the FS Road 2283 in the Nestucca watershed for fish passage.

Indian Creek Landscape Management Project

This is a landscape-scale restoration project in the Indian Creek watershed. Activities include: plantation thinning, fish and wildlife habitat enhancement, invasive plant treatments, and road improvements.

North Creek Culvert

Replace existing undersized 11ft culvert that is currently a passage barrier to upstream migration of fish and other aquatic organisms with an all aquatic organism passage structure.

Oregon Dunes Restoration Project

Promote development of sustainable veg structure, comp. and pattern, natural ecological processes; treat invasive spp., restore hydrologic function and maintenance and improvement for listed and at risk species and restore recreational opportunities

Analysis Completed

2013 Special Use Authorization Projects (Conger Road)

Issue a new authorization for proposed road access to private land.

Commercial Special Forest Products Program EA

The Forest-wide Special Forest Products (SFP) EA was completed in 1995. The SFP team has held annual meetings refining site-specific regulations. The intent of this EA is to document those site-specific details.

East Alsea Landscape Management Project

Commercially thin 4,200 acres of plantations, create gaps in plantations, plant some gaps in plantations, create nesting cavities and snags in plantations at up to 3 plantation trees per acre, (see "Other Project Information")

Heceta Shores Stabilization Project

Construct a shoreline protection structure to stabilize about 325 feet of embankment. The embankment is continuing to fail and poses a risk to private property and homes.

Marys Landscape Management Project

Commercially thin about 2000 acres, create nesting cavities and create coarse woody debris in plantations, decommission about 8.5 miles of road, replace culverts that block fish passage, prevent further loss of meadow habitat, and manage invasives.

Millwright Beaver Landscape Management Project

This project includes actions that would thin young, dense conifer stands less than 80 years old; enhance fish and wildlife habitats; repair, store, or decommission roads; and treat invasive plants

Niagara/Boulder Restoration Project

This project is a portion of the original North Nestucca project. Divided into two EA's to facilitate analysis. This project will commercially thin about 598 acres of 32 to 39 year old managed conifer stands and commercially thin about 285 acres.

Pixieland and Fraser Creek Restoration Projects

The purpose of the project is to restore the hydrology and native vegetation of Pixieland, an abandoned amusement park that is now part of the Forest Service ownership in the Salmon River Estuary.

Salmon / Neskowin Restoration Project

Commercially thin about 1936 acres of 30 to 60 year old plantations and precommercially thin about 800 acres..

Schooner-Rock Restoration Project

Project proposes to thin approx. 2,400 acres of young conifer plantations in the Schooner and Rock Creek subwatersheds to promote the development of late-successional forest habitat.

Siuslaw Invasive Plant Treatment Project

Managing invasive non-native plant infestations totaling about 1966 acres (75 sites) with chemical (herbicide), manual (pulling,grubbing) and mechanical (mowing, brushing, cutting) treatment methods.

South Nestucca Restoration Project

Thinning previously burned and planted or clear-cut and planted stands using commercial or noncommercial methods. About 1,015 acres of 28-50 year old plantations and 1,311 acres of 76-100 year old plantations of off-site genetic stock.

On Hold

LTEP Research Thinning and Down Wood Creation

Non-commercial thinning in Long Term Ecosystem Productivity (LTEP) plots. Trees will be cut and left as down wood in treated plots.

Promoting connectivity to the future Lincoln City trail system

In conjunction with Lincoln City, develop a system trail which when added to the City system creates a trail out to the coastline. Several user created routes which are creating resource damage would be closed. Estimate less than 1 mile of const.


2013 Special Use Authorization Projects (Camp Cleawox Amendment)

Amend for two new kayak storage buildings at existing Girl Scout camp under an existing authorization.

Rocky Bend and Castle Rock Campground Decommissioning

The Hebo Ranger District was proposing to decommission the Rocky Bend and Castle Rock Campgrounds. The NEPA to decommission these campgrounds has been cancelled and future use is being re-evaluated by Forest and District Staff.

Siuslaw Coastal Meadow Restoration

Project would enable herbicide treatment methods for restoring native coastal meadow vegetation and enhancing habitat for Oregon silverspot butterfly and other pollinators.

Special Use Permit Renewal, Drift Creek Organization Camp

Reissue Organizational Camp permit, changing from an existing annual permit to a 20 year, term permit. Permitted activities have been in existence since the 1940's.

Project Archive

Some of our older projects can be accessed in our Project Archive.