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The Schedule of Proposed Actions informs people of environmental analyses currently in progress or recently completed on the Forest pursuant to the National Environmental Policy Act.
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Stanislaus National Forest Current and Recent Projects

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Developing Proposal

Rim Range Infrastructure Phase 2

Fence construction (approx. 3.5 miles), water development (2 troughs or guzzlers), cattleguard installation (5 cattleguards), and new corral construction (3 corrals).

Under Analysis

Arnold-Avery Healthy Forest Restoration

Improve forest health, reduce hazardous fuels, and abate hazardous trees on up to 3,000 acres within the wildland-urban interface by commercial and pre-commercial thinning, prescribed burning, and constructing and/or maintaining fuelbreaks.

Black Springs Campground

Campground improvements converting existing use area to a developed recreation site.

City of Berkeley Tuolumne Camp Permit

Issue a permit for reconstruction, occupancy, use and maintenance of the City of Berkeley Tuolumne Camp which was completely destroyed by the 2013 Rim Fire.

Ferretti Non-Motorized Trails

Construct and designate 3.5 miles of non-motorized multi-use (pedestrian, equestrian and bicycle) and 15 miles of non-motorized bicycle only National Forest System Trails.

Last Chance

Conduct hazardous fuels reduction over approximately 433 acres on the Calaveras Ranger District. Treatments will include mechanical shredding / mastication, hand thinning, and pile burning.

Mammoth Base Area Land Exchange

Exchange of approximately 35.6 acres of National Forest System land, currently under special use authorization to Mammoth Mountain Ski Area, located near the Main Lodge north of Highway 203 for approximately 1296.7 acres of private land in California

Pinecrest Campgrounds

Improvements at Pinecrest and Meadowview Campgrounds including rehabilitation of the adjacent Shadow of the Me-Wuk Trail and a forest plan amendment addressing use of an adjacent parking lot.

Pinecrest Lake Resort Manager's Residence Permit Reissue

Reissue permit for occupancy and maintenance of a manager's residence on lot 107 in the Pinecrest Recreation Residence Tract.

Sierra Mac River Trips Road Encroachment Improvement Project

Improve road encroachment onto CA HWY 120(Caltrans easement)by widening existing driveway, grading and graveling approx. 210' no wider than 20' to enhance ingress/egress and to meet commercial driveway requirements of Tu. Co.

Slick Rock Jeep Road Reroute

Construct about 1.0 mile 4WD trail on National Forest land bypassing a 0.75 mile segment of Forest Road 07N17 on private property. Install signs and gates on each end of the bypassed segment of 07N17.

Stanislaus National Forest Over-Snow Vehicle (OSV) Use Designation

The Stanislaus National Forest is evaluating its existing management of oversnow vehicle (OSV) use. The goal of this project is to designate system roads, trails and areas where OSV use will be allowed or prohibited.

Analysis Completed

Rim Fire Reforestation

About 48,000 acres of treatments on National Forest System lands within the 2013 Rim Fire including: deer habitat enhancement; natural regeneration; noxious weed eradication; reforestation; and, thin existing plantations.

On Hold

BEH Rangeland Allotments

In order to allow more interactions with stakeholders, the Forest Supervisor withdrew the Draft ROD for the Bell Meadow (B), Eagle Meadow (E) and Herring Creek (H) allotments on August 29, 2016. The BEH project is on hold until further notice.

Candy Rock Quarry Management

Issue a permanent Forest Order with limitations on recreational target shooting at the Candy Rock Quarry.

Cow Creek Water System Access

Issue permit to construct 0.15 mile of road to access well and pump for Cow Creek Recreation Residence Tract Association.

Gap Prescribed Burn

Prescribed burn of 640 acres to reduce natural fuel build-up and mimic historic fire regimes for a mixed conifer type ecosystem.

Reliable Power Project

Vegetation management, along power transmission lines operated by Hetch Hetchy Water and Power, to meet North American Electric Reliability Corporation (NERC) standards and improve the reliability of the power transmission system.

Twomile Ecological Restoration: Transportation

Physical road actions and access designation changes to minimize resource damage and move the road system toward one that can be efficiently maintained while also providing access for management and public use.


Hetch Hetchy Transmission Line Tree Removal

Removal of live or dead trees on National Forest System lands outside of the City and County of San Francisco's power line Right-of-Way having the potential to reach the power lines in the event of tree failure.

Issue Easement for Exchecker-Yosemite 70Kv Transmission Line and Indian Flat Substation

Issue an Easement for approximately 10.4 miles of the Exchecker-Yosemite 70Kv Transmission Line located on the Sierra and Stanislaus National Forests, and the Indian Flat Substation located in the Merced River Canyon in Mariposa County, California.

Moore Creek Motorized Routes

Modifications to the National Forest Transportation System including season of use, vehicle type, and addition or removal (restoration) of routes.

Pinecrest North Shore Improvement Association Permit

Issue new 10-year permits for the continuing existing use of the Pinecrest North Shore Tract Association water system and garages.

Sky High Ranch Water System

Modify existing special use permit allowing for upgrades to existing water system.

Project Archive

Some of our older projects can be accessed in our Project Archive.

Project Information

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