Shasta Trinity National Forest Current and Recent Projects

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Developing Proposal

Bridge Bay Resort & Digger Bay Marina 20-Year Permit Issuance

Issuance of a new 20-year special use permit (SUP) to replace existing SUP for continued operation & management of Bridge Bay Resort & Digger Bay Marina. No changes will be made to the currently authorized operations or facilities. INFORMAL SCOPING

Hyampom Community Roads and Strategic Ridges

Buffer along primary and secondary access roads for the community of Hyampom, CA. Strategic fuelbreaks and supporting landscape level treatments.

Lakehead and Platina Transfer Stations Permit Replacement

Issue new special use permits to Shasta County to replace expiring permits. There will be no changes to the authorized facilities or increases in the scope or intensity of authorized activities. INFORMAL SCOPING

Salt Creek Resort Special Use Permit

Issuance of a new 20-year special use permit (SUP) to replace existing SUP for continued operation and management of Salt Creek Resort. No changes will be made to the currently authorized operations or facilities. INFORMAL SCOPING

Shasta Lake RV Resort and Campground 20-Year Permit Issuance

Issuance a new 20-year special use permit (SUP) to replace existing SUP for continued operation and management of Shasta Lake RV Resort & Campground. No changes will be made to the currently authorized operations or facilities. INFORMAL SCOPING

Sugarloaf Lookout Communication Authorizations Issuances

Re-authorize multiple communication use authorizations at Sugarloaf Lookout for terms of up to 20 years. No changes will be made to the currently authorized operations or facilities. INFORMAL SCOPING

Trinity County Collaborative - Roads and Plantations Pilot

Develop and implement a pilot project that tests the three priorities of the Trinity County Collaborative; Social Acceptance, Ecological Sustainably, and Economic Sustainability.

Under Analysis

2017 Outfitter and Guide Five Year Permit Re-authorizations

Re-authorize and amend expired Outfitter & Guide Permits for: walk and wade fly fishing, powerboat/drift boat fishing, boat tours, wakeboard/waterskiing, youth camps, and backpacking on the Shasta-Trinity National Forest. INFORMAL SCOPING

Beegum Watershed Restoration

Road-related improvements, including road decommissioning and safe OHV recreation opportunities, in the Beegum Creek Watershed of the Shasta-Trinity National Forest.

Black Fox Plantations

Thin & prescribed burn plantations to increase resilience to insects & disease. Radial thin & group selects may be proposed,& existing roads maintained. Temporary roads may be constructed (then decommissioned). Collaboration with public will be done.

Burnt Ranch Fire Resilient Community

The goals of the project are to move Burnt Ranch toward becoming a fire resilient community and to promote & maintain late successional conditions within the Corral Late Successional Reserve. Activities will focus on the Wildland Urban Interface.

Highway 89 Safety Enhancement and Forest Ecosystem Restoration Project

The project will treat vegetation in the vicinity of Hwy 89 between I-5 and Cattle Camp Campground. Project design will include: public safety improvement, forest health, fire restoration, construction of infrastructure, wildlife habitat enhancement

Homestake Consolidated Mining Claim Exploration

A mining operations proposal to sample for valuable mineral deposits on Homestake Consolidated Mine. Approximately 3,000 cubic yards of material are proposed to be excavated and processed onsite by a trommel wash plant system. Reclamation will occur.

Hunter Communications Fiber Optic Line Permit

Hunter Communications has proposed to install approx. 3 miles of new fiber optic line (buried or attached to existing poles) across National Forest land in Mt. Shasta and McCloud along existing roads and road easements or powerlines.

I-5 Corridor Fuels Reduction Project

Reduction of fuels build up on National Forest System lands in and around communities and infrastructure, and protection of municipal watersheds through fuels reduction. Includes a non-significant Forest Plan amendment.

Lehigh Southwest Land Exchange

Exchange 2 parcels of National Forest System lands next to an active limestone mine (Gray Rocks mine) operated by Lehigh for a private inholding of land along the McCloud River Arm of Shasta Lake.

Lower McCloud Fuels Management Project

Mechanical and prescribed fire fuels reduction within ~12,000 acres with in the Lower McCloud and Lower Squaw Valley Creek watersheds.

MCI Telecommunication Services Permit Re-authorization

MCI Telecommunications has requested to reauthorize their expired permits MTS821 and SLK401202 under a single permit. Both permits authorize the occupancy of a fiber optic ground line that is strung on Pacific Power's powerline. INFORMAL SCOPING

Packers Bay Invasive Plant Species Removal Project

Removal of non-native Scotch, French & Spanish brooms using an integrated approach on about 112 acres of National Forest System lands. A combination of treatments, including herbicide, manual cutting, hand pulling & prescribed fire will be used.

PG&E Tamarack Peak Passive Reflector Permit Re-authorization

Re-authorization of an expired permit for two 20'x16' passive reflectors on metal frames on Tamarack Mountain. These provide communication between McCloud Dam and Pit 3 Powerhouse. Use of access on 38N11, 37N48 and 37N15Y. INFORMAL SCOPING

Shasta Marina at Packers Bay 20-Year Permit Issuance

Reauthorize use & occupancy of NFS lands for marina at Packers Bay by issuing new 20-year special use permit. Extend boat ramp. Expand existing leach fields & boat maintenance shop. Pave existing gravel parking lot.

Toad Mountain Range Management Project

The decision to be made is whether or not to reauthorize grazing, issue a term grazing permit, and implement allotment management plans on one cattle allotment in compliance with applicable laws, regulations, and standards and guidelines.

Trinity County Office of Education WiFi Proposal for Burnt Ranch School

The Trinity County Office of Education has requested to add a microwave relay structure to improve the WiFi service for Burnt Ranch school. This will be permitted until the Digital 299 fiber optic project is complete (aprox. 5 years) INFORMAL SCOPING

Trinity Post Fire Hazard Reduction and Salvage

Treatments would occur within a buffer along roads that were burned in the 2015 wildfires. Treatments would include mitigating roadside hazard trees, reducing hazardous fuel loading, and salvage of forest products.

Trinity Unit Resorts/Marinas Waterlines & Signs SUP Re-Authorization

Re-authorize continued use of NFS lands for the waterline & entrance sign at Cedar Stock Resort/Marina, the waterline & sign at Pinewood Cove Resort, and the sign at Lakeview Terrace. There are no changes in authorized facilities. INFORMAL SCOPING

Ubiquitel Bass Mountain Communication Site Upgrade

Upgrade existing communications equipment to 4G capability and issue a new authorization to replace existing authorization. INFORMAL SCOPING

West Weaver Creek Salmonid Habitat Rehabilitation Project

The Trinity County Resource Conservation District is proposing a project on West Weaver Creek (a tributary to the Trinity River), which includes channel and floodplain rehabilitation.

Analysis Completed

Algoma Vegetation Management Project

Thinning/other silvicultural and fuels treatments of approximately 5600 acres of forested stands within the Algoma Late Successional Reserve. Application of a borax fungicide to cut stumps 14 inches and larger. Some new road construction.

Bagley Hazard Tree Abatement Project.

Hazard tree abatement (felling trees) along 95mi of NFS roads posing a threat to public safety following the 46,300 acre Baglex Complex. Treatments will focus on an estimated 19 miles of segmented roads experiencing greatest fire mortality.

Big Mountain Roads Tree Removal Project

The Forest Service proposes to manually fall dead and dying trees that pose a hazard to the transportation system and to public safety along Forest Service roads 5N18, 5N04, and 5N05.

Bolam Timber Stand Improvement and Fuelbreak Construction Project

Precommercial thinning, pruning and mastication of brush in approximately 2900 acres of conifer tree plantation and creation of a fuelbreak along roads such as Highway 97 and the Military Pass Road

Browns Project

Designed to improve forest health by reducing overcrowded forest stand conditions and associated fuel ladders, the project harvests timber from about 790 acres, treats fuels throughout

Canyon Creek/Boulder Creek Lakes Trail Re-Route Project

Sections of the trail require re-routing to improve visitor safety, reduce erosion, prevent further damage to vegetation and reduce long term maintenance needs.

Deer Creek Timber Stand Improvement Project

precommercial thinning, pruning and brush mastication on approximately 700acres of conifer tree plantations and creation of a shaded fuel break along rainbow ridge for approximately 1.0 miles

Eagle Ranch Timber Sale

Timber sale proposing to harvest 103 acres of Matrix lands. Harvesting includes thinning and regeneration areas; fuels treatments throughout; protection provided for Survey and Manage species, cultural sites, riparian reserves, and soils.

East Fork II Thinning Project

Commercial thinning of approximately 1,000 acres of currently overstocked forested stands.

East Fork/Sims Watershed Restoration Project

Watershed restoration, including road decommissioning.

Edson Vegetation Management Project

Commercial thinning of overstocked forest stands. Sanitation harvest of disease infected ledgepole pine. Harvest and reforestation of conifers infected with black stain root disease.

Elk Late-Successional Reserve Enhancement Project

Reduce tree densities and fuel loads with thinning and fuels treatments on approximately 3,420 acres in the Elk Flat Late-Successional Reserve, adjacent matrix lands and Elk Flat meadow to protect current and develop late-successional habitat.

Forest Glen Recreation Residence Septic Tank Replacement Project

Remove 3 substandard septic tanks servicing rec. residences & replace with non-porous tanks to meet Co. Env. Health codes. Remove existing leach line at 1 site & replace with new upgraded leach line, install new leach lines at other 2 sites.

Forest Glen Recreation Residence Special Use Permit Renewals

Issue term special use permits to cabin owners who are in compliance with their current permit and with county, state and federal standards for sanitation and water systems.

Gateway Trail (previously "Loop Trail")

Parking lot (~0.13 ac), kiosk/signs, new trail segments/restoration of existing unclassified trails (~1.75 mi. new; remainder ~1.75 mi. maintenance/restoration, ~3.68 mi. realignment/new). Trail will be added to NFS system (non-motorized).

Gemmill Thin

Thinning and fuels reduction to enhance and protect late successional habitat.

Green-Horse Habitat Restoration and Maintenance Project

Use of prescribed fire and hand thinning on 46,000 acres to restore and maintain forest structure, watershed condition and wildlife habitat.

Hagen-French Ranch Land for Land Exchange

Forest Service proposes to exchange NFS lands in the vicinity of Weaverville, CA for Proponent's lands called the "French Ranch" and "Cold Creek" parcels, south of Hyampom on the South Fork of the Trinity River.

Harris Vegetation Management

Improve forest health and restore fire-adapted ecosystem characteristics on approx. 3,000 acres in and adjacent to the Harris Mtn. LSR. Ground and ladder fuels would be reduced and forested stands would be thinned to yield a fire-resilient forest.

Hayfork South and Highway 3 Fuel Management Zone Project

The project is designed to reduce the fire hazard near the community of Hayfork, CA, while returning existing vegetation to a more fire resistant and healthy condition.

Homestake Consolidated Mine

A mining operations proposal to sample for valuable mineral deposits on the Homestake Consolidated Mine. A total of approximately 3,000 cubic yards of material will be excavated and processed on site by trommel wash plant system.

Kellogg Fuels Reduction

Hazard fuels reduction in the urban interface. Treatments will include understory thinning, pruning, piling and burning.

McBride Springs Campground Diseased Trees Removal

Root rot has killed many fir trees in the campground; these trees pose a hazard. Remaining firs are predicted to become infected. The proposal includes removal of dead/dying trees and trees that are predicted to become infected.

McCloud Aspen Release Project

Remove conifer trees that are overtopping and competing with aspen on approximatley 140 acres of National Forest lands

McCloud Office

Proposal to construct new office buildings at the existing McCloud Ranger Station Compound, located immediately north of State Route 89 at 2019 Forest Road in the community of McCloud.

Middle Hayfork Creek Pre-commercial Thinning and Mastication

Thinning and fuels reduction in plantations in the Middle Hayfork Creek watershed.

Mount Shasta Nordic Center Special Use Permit Re-issuance

The Mount Shasta Nordic Ski Organization has applied for a 10 year special use permit re-authorizing the operation and maintenance of the Mount Shasta Nordic Center.

Mt. Thin and Fuels Management

Commercial thinning of overstocked forest stands. creation of shaded fuelbreaks. Conversion of Knobcone Pine stands to mixed conifer stands. Site clearing and planting of failed plantations. Road reconstruction. Road closure and decommissioning.

Mudflow Vegetation Management

Approximately 3000 acres of commercial thinning, Green Tree Retention and fuels reduction within the urban interface of the town of McCloud and the Mt. Shasta Forest Subdivision, removing encroaching conifers from meadows and application of Borax.

Oregon Fire Salvage and Reforestation

Salvage dead trees on 45 acres burned in the August 2014 Oregon Fire. Reforestation on approximately 280 acres of burned area.

Pettijohn LSR Project

Fuel reduction project within Late Successional Reserve designed to reduce fuel loading and maintain/enhance old-growth habitat.

PG&E Pit 230 kV Power Transmission Separation and Easement

To put existing 230 kV Powerline directly under FS 30-year easement authorization and to take it out of the FERC Pit 233 Power Project License.

PG&E Plummer Peak Tower Replacement

Replace one wooden tower with metal lattice tower

Pilgrim Vegetation Management

Commercial Timber Sale including thinning, salvage and regeneration harvest on approximately 4000 acres. A site-specific plan amendment is part of this proposal.

Porcupine Vegetation and Road Management Project

Reduction of fuels, improvement of forest health on the east side of the McCloud Flats. Includes estimated 3760 acres of thinning, 83 acres regeneration, 48 acres meadow restoration, 21 acres aspen release. Application of Borax to cut stumps.

Powder Vegetation and Fuels Management

Commercial thinning of overstocked forest stands. Road closures

Reissue Permit for Calfire/CDC Sugarpine Conservation Camp

Reissue expired special use permit for the Sugarpine Conservation Camp. Proposed action includes adding an additional well, waterlines, additional water tank, add'l septic tank and grease trap all within the existing permit area.

Shasta-Trinity OHV Accessibility Enhancement Project

The Shasta-Trinity National Forest proposes to increase recreational opportunities through a proposal which allows motorized mixed use, on approximately 12 roads in Shasta, Tehama and Siskiyou Counties.

Sims Fire Restoration - Roadside and Landline Fuels Reduction Project

Linear feature fuel reduction along roads and private property in the Sims fire area to improve timber stand and reduce fire spread potential.

Stafford Fire Salvage and Restoration

Fuels reduction, hazard tree removal, timber salvage and reforestation in the Stafford Fire burned area.

Trinity Roadside Hazard

The purpose for this project is to reduce threats to public safety by felling dead trees impacted by recent wildfires along roads open to public travel.

Trout Creek Restoration

Plug gullies, construct ponds at 10 sites, reconstruct 1.5 miles of stream channel, revegetate stream banks, cut conifers from meadows, introduce woody debris into stream channel, obliterate stream crossings, replace 2.5 miles of fencing

Trout Creek Vegetation Restoration Project

Remove encroaching conifers from meadow & hardwood areas; thin (including sanitation, improvement, & group selection in limited areas) adjacent forest stands; treat fuels & reintroduce fire. May require 0.5-1.0 mile temporary road construction.

Weaverville Community Forest - Blue Rock Road Fuels Reduction Project

Fuel Reduction project outside of Weaverville California that includes thinning, hand piling and burning.

Westside Fire Reforestation

Site preparation and tree planting in areas burned during 2007 and 2008 wildfires.

Westside Plantation Project

Thinning of overstocked plantations to improve vigor and reduce hazardous fuels on the west side of the Shasta-Trinity National Forest.

Westside Watershed Restoration

Road-related watershed improvements on the west side of Shasta-Trinity National Forest

On Hold

Bartle Grazing Allotment Project

The decision to be made is whether or not to authorize grazing and implement allotment management plans on the Bartle Allotment, in compliance with applicable laws, regulations and standards & guidelines.

East McCloud Plantations Thinning

Plantation thinning to reduce tree densities and ladder fuels.

Ironside Mountain Communication Site Expansion Project

The proposed action is to amend Pacific Wholesale Materials, Inc.'s current Communication Use Lease to allow them to expand their communications site on Ironside Mountain. This action also authorizes a new lease for a new 20-yr term.

Pattison Water System

Issue multiple permits authorizing domestic use of water system.

Shasta Lake Water Resources Investigation--Forest Service Connected Actions

Bureau of Reclamation is proposing to increase height of Shasta Dam. Forest Service (FS) has jurisdiction over NFS lands w/in the NRA. Connected actions will require authorization by permit or other suitable instrument issued by the FS to the Bureau.

Soldier Creek Watershed Restoration

Road-related watershed improvements, including road decommissioning, in the Soldier Creek Watershed on the Shasta-Trinity National Forest

Soldier Forest Health

Vegetation management project designed to respond to concerns expressed by stakeholders, the Trinity County Community Wildfire Protection Plan, and members of the general public regarding fire hazard/risk, high fuel loading and general forest health.

Trinity Alps Wilderness Prescribed Fire project

Re-introduce fire onto the landscape with the Trinity Alps Wilderness by implementing prescribed fire(s)

Trinity River Channel Rehabilitation- Dutch Creek Site

The US Bureau of Reclamation is proposing channel restoration activities on BLM and Forest Service/NFS Lands along the Trinity River in order to provide suitable habitat for anadromous fish. The Forest Service will authorize activities on NFS lands.


Adit Entry Hardrock #1 Lode

Authorization of a plan of operations for underground mineral exploration and sampling using hand tools in an existing mine adit.

Braden Mine Lode #2

Authorize sampling of lode deposits by excavation of horizontal tunnel into bedrock (mining adit) and processing of ore on the Braden Mine Lode #2. Amount of processed ore < or = 200 cubic yards. Total area of disturbance < or = 1 acre.

Down River Community Protection Project.

Construct Fuel Management Zones (FMZ) and roadside fuel buffers; treat hazardous fuels within the Wildland Urban Interface. Thin plantations within 500 feet of private property, and/or where they intersect FMZs and roadside fuel buffers.

Forest Glen Campgrounds and Roads Maintenance Project

Removal of hazardous trees within campground and along roads in the Forest Glen area.

Hayfork Area Fuel Break Maintenance

Approximately 2,750 acres along existing fuelbreaks within the South Fork Management Unit will receive maintenance fuel treatments, including prescribed burning, mastication and handpiling.

Hyampom Cellular Site

Development of a cellular site in Hyampom, CA by Trinity County through a grant by the CPUC

Jones Thin

Thinning of 45 year old ponderosa pine plantations to reduce fuels and improve forest health and vigor.

Post Mountain Small Salvage Project

Salvage of excess down, damaged, dead, or dying trees in the Post Mountain area of the Hayfork Ranger District. Road hazard trees would be included.

Rattlesnake Fuel Reduction and Forest Health Project

Thinning from below, shaded fuel breaks and burn units on approximately 6,000 acres.

Red Fir Restoration Project

Red fir trees are deteriorating due to reduced forest health. Project includes treatment of approx 1400 acres to maintain red fir populations while improving forest health & fire resilience on the South Fork ridge top. See other project info

Salt Timber Harvest and Fuels Hazard Reduction

The proposed action would reduce hazardous fuels and improve forest health through silvicultural treatments on approximately 1656 acres. Currently a supplemental EIS is being prepared in response to the appeal decision reversing Oct 2009 decision.

Sugar Pine Conservation Camp Permit Issuance

CAl FIRE's Sugar Pine Conservation Camp is located on NFS Lands under Special Use Permit. The current Permit will be expiring and a new Permit will be issued. INFORMAL SCOPING

TC&I Reciprocal Road Rights of Way

The Shasta-Trinity Tri-County Snowmobile Trail system requires easement across 2 segments of TC&I road and TC&I requires easement across 2 segments of NFS to access their private timberland. We propose to exchange ROW easements of approximate value.

Ten Flat Thin and Fuels Management

Roadside thinning and fuels management project

Project Archive

Some of our older projects can be accessed in our Project Archive.