This page includes, in links listed below, information on projects which implement the Forest Plan. On some, public input is being sought, on others decision notices or environmental assessments on forest projects are posted. For information on general projects and programs go to Forest Facts page.

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Wayne National Forest Current and Recent Projects

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Analysis Completed

AEP 138kv Overhead Transmission Line

American Electric Power requested a special use authorization for construction of a overhead transmission line on 5 separate parcels crossing National Forest system lands. Additional construction would occur on lands for which AEP holds easements.

Horse Trail Re-Route

The WNF proposes to re-route a portion of the main loop of horse trail around the Lake Vesuvius Rec Area. The re-route is proposed to improve safety for horses and riders by moving the horse trail away from the archery trail.

Marietta-Athens Pine Project

The Marietta-Athens Pine Project would re-establish native hardwood trees and create young, brushy forest for wildlife by removing selected pine plantations through clearcutting.

The Sunny Oaks Project

This project will create young, brushy forests that are largely composed of oaks and hickories; respond to insect and disease threats; and contribute to local economies. Taking action will provide habitat for wildlife that is lacking in the area.

Vesuvius Water Line Project

Proposal to replace a 5.7 mile waterline servicing the Lake Vesuvius Recreation Area on the Ironton Ranger District.


Forest Plan Revision - Wayne National Forest

The Wayne National Forest is initiating Plan Revision. This process begins with assessment, the first stage of the plan revision process. The assessment will compile information about ecological, social, and economic conditions in the planning area.

Special Use Permit - Access Road

This proposal would allow the construction of a 15 ft by 850 ft access road through Wayne National Forest lands to access private property

Project Archive

Some of our older projects can be accessed in our Project Archive.