This page includes, in links listed below, information on projects which implement the Forest Plan. On some, public input is being sought, on others decision notices or environmental assessments on forest projects are posted. 

Wayne National Forest Project Archive

  • 2012 Gypsy Moth Slow the Spread Project

    The Wayne National Forest proposes to treat approx 459 ac of the Athens Unit with a single aerial application of an insect pheromone mating disruptant in the spring or summer of 2012. Monitoring will follow. The mating disruptant is species specific.

  • 2013 Gypsy Moth STS Treatment Project

    The proposal is to treat 1,198ac with gypsy moth pheremone. The treatment is species specific and does not kill the moths, rather it prevents successful mating by saturating the area with enough pheremone that the males cannot find the females.

  • 2014 Gypsy Moth STS Treatment Project

    The proposal is to treat gypsy moth populations by applying Gypchek, mating disruption pheremone & Bacillus thuringiensis var kurstaki (Btk), and mating disrupting pheromone alone to approximately 13,857 acres of the Athens District of the WNF.

  • 2015 Gypsy Moth Slow the Spread Project

    Treat 39,818 ac of the Athens Unit with pheromone mating disruption and treat 513 ac of the Athens Unit with the larvacide Gypchek followed by mating disruption. Treatments would be aerially applied.

  • 2016 Gypsy Moth Slow the Spread Project

    This project is intended to authorize gypsy moth treatments in 2016 and the future using mating disruption pheromone or Gypchek. Treatments could occur on the Athens Unit of the Athens Ranger District.

  • 2019 Abandoned Mine Final Reclamation

    The purpose of this project is to mitigate risks to public safety and prevent subsidence on Wayne National Forest lands by plugging and restoring abandoned mine sites.

  • 278 McCollan Re-route Watershed Restoration

    Re-route 3 drainages into one culvert to prevent flooding onto private property. Two of the drainages will be rocked with limestone to buffer acid mine drainage from a discharging portal, and the 3rd drainage will be rocked to minimize erosion.

  • Abandoned Well Plugging

    The Wayne National Forest will work with the OH Dept of Natural Resources to close 4 abandoned wells on the Ironton Ranger District. Two of the wells are located in the Hanging Rock ATV Area and the other 2 are in the Lake Vesuvius Rec Area.

  • AEP 138kv Overhead Transmission Line

    American Electric Power requested a special use authorization for construction of a overhead transmission line on 5 separate parcels crossing National Forest system lands. Additional construction would occur on lands for which AEP holds easements.

  • American Electric Power Amendment 5

    American Electric Power has applied for a permit to install a section of overhead power line. New poles and power line will be placed outside of the easement. A right-of-way will be cleared for maintenance, which will be 560 ft. long & 15 ft. wide.

  • Application for a Permit to Drill, Alexander 1 Heinrich Production LLC

    Heinrich Production, LLC proposes to develop a vertical oil & gas well on the Marietta Unit. The proposed well pad is 0.74ac and a proposed access road is 250ft in length. This proposal does not include horizontal drilling or high volume fracking.

  • Application for Permit to Drill, Hite 2 Oil and Gas Well - Kenoil Inc.

    Kenoil Inc. proposes to develop a traditional vertical oil & gas well on the Athens Unit. The proposed well pad is 0.67ac and a proposed access road is 600ft in length. This proposal does not include horizontal drilling or high volume fracking.

  • Athens Ranger District Special Use Permit Renewals

    Fifteen special use permits on the Athens Ranger District are expiring in December and need to be terminated or renewed. This project involves renewing those permits.

  • Athens RD 2018 Special Use Permit Renewals/Reissues

    The proposed action is to renew all currently expired permits, as well as reissue permits expiring at the end of 2018, on the Athens Ranger District of the Wayne National Forest. The specific permits are described on the project webpage.

  • Baileys Mountain Bike Trail Project

    This project would create recreational opportunities for a quality backcountry, single-track mountain biking experience on the Wayne National Forest for riders of various skill levels.

  • Balancing Rock Horse Trail Reroute

    The purpose of this project is to respond to public demand for a more scenic route in a section of the existing Vesuvius Horse Trail system, and to re-route or eliminate segments of trail that are not sustainable

  • Bessemer Hollow Reclamation Project

    This project consists of closing 2 subsidences, reconstructing channels to re-establish surface water flow and treating acid mine drainage seeps in a heavily-impacted, mined area just north of Nelsonville (alongside Woodlane Ave).

  • Bessie Sale Subsidence Closures

    The goal of this project is to eliminate safety hazard associated with six subsidences. These may be permanently closed or gated to permit air movement in and out of the underground mine.

  • Big 4 Wetland Enhancement

    The Ohio Division of Mineral Resource Management (DMRM) has proposed installing two limestone berms and one earthen berm with a rock spillway across the valley to prevent stream channelization while increasing retention times.

  • Big Four Hollow Phase II Watershed Restoration

    This project will treat acid mine drainage in Big Four Hollow near Longstreth, OH. Project includes construction of a: limestone leachbed; small wetland; steel slag leachbed; small impoundment; two limestone lined channels; 900 ft of temporary roads

  • BLM Federal Coal Lease Project (OHES 057390)

    BLM is seeking consent from the Wayne National Forest to lease federal coal under the Forest. If consent is given, there will be no surface use of the lands proposed for leasing: only underground mining would be permitted.

  • BLM Lease OHES 51280*- Carlton Oil Corp. - 3 Federal Oil/Gas Wells

    Carlton Oil Corporation provided a Notice of Staking (NOS) informing the BLM and the Forest Service of the location of 3 Oil and/or Gas well(s) and subsequently will submit an Application to Drill Permit (APD). *OHES-56273, 52674,56275,56277.

  • Brush Fork Subsidence Closures

    Close 3 subsidences and construct 100 feet of limestone lined stream channel. - Original Decision issued 6/22/09; Revised Decision issued 8/26/09.

  • Buckeye Habitat Improvement Project

    This project will create habitats that are missing or under-represented in the project area, including young forest and grassy/shrubby areas. It will maintain oak-hickory forests and native pine forests. Work will be commercial and non-commercial.

  • Buckeye Rural Powerline Permit Reissuance

    Buckeye Rural's permit for existing powerlines found throughout the Ironton District is expiring. This project would issue them a new permit for a 30-yr term. No new activities are proposed; mowing and cutting of vegetation would occur periodically.

  • Buckeye Trail/North Country Trail Reroute Project - Phase 2

    This project would create additional hiking trail miles near the community of Shawnee by re-locating the existing Buckeye Trail/North Country Trail to more sustainable and scenic locations, and by creating new trail around Tecumseh Lake.

  • Buckeye Xpress Pipeline Replacement Project - Columbia Gas Special Use Permit

    Columbia Gas, LLC has applied for a new special use permit to construct a 36 inch diameter natural gas pipeline and to abandon a 20 inch diameter line. Columbia requests increased clearing widths & some divergence from existing line due to terrain.

  • Carlton Oil Corporation Gas Pipeline

    Carlton Oil Corp requests a speical use permit to lay on the surface a 1 1/2-in plastic pipeline. The pipeline will start at a well located on private land, cross approximately 2,500 ft on Forest Service land and back onto private to a meter site.

  • Cawthorn Hollow Subsidence Closures

    Treat abandoned minelands to reduce acid mine drainage by closing two subsidences, treating four known seeps, opening two blocked drainages, and restoring positive drainage in this tributary to Monday Creek.

  • Charity Run Event

    The requested proposal is to issue a Recreation Event permit for a 501(C)(3) charity running/walking event, which would take place on a Saturday in April.

  • Clay Tract Well Plugging Project

    An abandoned gas well was discovered on the Wayne National Forest. The well was damaged and has been made safe by a repair, but now needs to be plugged.

  • Co Rd 29 Temporary Bridge

    A temporary bridge is necessary for safety and community access on Co Rd 29 since the July 20, 2010 storm damaged the historic bridge beyond repair.

  • Cow Run Orphan Well Plugging

    One abandoned federal well will be plugged in the Cow Run area of the Marietta Unit - Athens Ranger District. This would involve building access and plugging the well according to federal and state regulations.

  • Doyle Land for Land Exchange

    A private landowner is offering a 0.51 acre private lake shore lot on Timbre Ridge Lake in exchange for 2.21 acres of federal land joined by other private land. The plot is the last isolated private lake shore lot beyond the private lots near the dam

  • Edward Brown Road Access Special Use Permit

    Proposal to authorize the use and maintenance of an existing road as primary access to private land. Land is in the Harriettsville area of Elk Township of Noble County, Ohio. The road crosses approximately 600 feet of National Forest System lands.

  • Elkins Creek Horse Camp & Tack Shop, L.L.C. Special Use Authorization Request

    Elkins Creek Horse Camp & Tack Shop has requested an authorization to use an existing undesignated route (~0.02 acres) as a trail connector from their camp to the Kimble Loop Horse Trail. If authorized, only horse and foot traffic would be permitted.

  • Enervest Permit: Gum Sump, Elkins, and Bradley Pipelines

    Issuance of a new Special Use Permit for 3 separate natural gas pipelines to Enervest Operating LLC., who purchased the pipelines from Energy Search Inc. which was under a Special Use Permit.

  • FY 10 Ironton District Wetland Restoration

    Restore the project areas to shallow wetlands that mimic natural oxbows and shallow, scour-pool depressions that historically occurred in low-lying fields in southern Ohio. The wetland pools will vary in depth from several inches to several feet.

  • Gas Enterprise Company Pipeline request

    Gas Enterprise Company Corp. has requested permission to lay a surface gas pipeline to transport gas across federal land from wells on private land across about 3,900 feet of federal land. Only minimal brush cutting would be required.

  • Habitat Management Fire Hazard Reduction Ironton Ranger District

    Reduce natural fuel accumulations using prescribed fire or mechanical treatment on four areas. Total area approx 2,250 ac. Areas are: near Lake Vesuvius; Bluegrass; Fradd Hollow; and Handley Branch. Name changed to reflect mechanical treatment added.

  • Hanging Rock ATV Connector Improvements

    This project includes various improvements to the Hanging Rock area, including improved access for fishing and the construction of connector trails.

  • Hanging Rock Parking Improvements

    This project will expand the existing parking lot in the Hanging Rock ATV area to accomodate more vehicles.

  • Haught Run Campground Decommissioning Project

    The Haught Run CG has been impacted by bank erosion along the Little Muskingum River and has been under an emergency closure since 2014. The proposed action would permanently close and rehabilitate the site and a portion of the Covered Bridge Trail.

  • Hay Cultivation Permit Renewal

    The proposal is to reissue a permit to cultivate hay on 3.1 acres adjacent to Sharps Creek Road in Lawrence County, Aid Township. The new permit will bring the activity into compliance with the 2006 Forest Plan.

  • Hecla Water Transmission Amendment #6

    Hecla Water distribution has applied for a permit to install a 2" pipeline that would provide water to a residence. The proposed pipe will be installed along Township Rd 191 for a length of 1,500 ft. A section of the pipe will bore under the creek.

  • Hibernaculum Area Foraging Enhancement Project

    This project enhances bat foraging, drinking, and flyway habitat, as well as amphibian breeding habitat through activities including upland pond construction and brushing and limbing along a closed Forest Road near a bat hibernaculum.

  • Horse Trail Re-Route

    The WNF proposes to re-route a portion of the main loop of horse trail around the Lake Vesuvius Rec Area. The re-route is proposed to improve safety for horses and riders by moving the horse trail away from the archery trail.

  • Hune Bridge Low-Water Crossing Replacement Project

    The purpose of this project is to provide a safer crossing for the public into the Hune Bridge Campground and improve conditions in the waterway by removing sediment and providing for upstream and downstream movement of aquatic organisms like fish.

  • Ironton Hayfield Management

    Allow for leasing of historic hayfields in the Ironton Ranger District of the Wayne National Forest.

  • Ironton Horse Trail Reroutes

    The proposal is to reroute two short sections of horse trail.

  • John Ingles Special Uses Right-of-Way Road Permit

    A private inholding was accessed by a Twp road. The Twp vacated the road, returning the road to the Forest Service%u2019s ownership. A special use permit is needed to allow continued access to the private land. The permitted area would be < 1 acre.

  • Kehota Vegetation Management Project

    The Kehota Vegetation Management Project would convert about 465 acres of planted pine to native hardwood forests and would create young brushy forest that is lacking in the area.

  • Kimble Loop East Horse Trail Reroute

    The proposed action is to reroute the horse trail off of County Road 5. The project would construct approximately 3.5 miles of horse and hiking trail, which would replace approximately 2.3 miles of trail along roads.

  • Kimble Loop West Horse Trail Re-Route Two Project

    This project would create about 2.4 mi of horse trail off of public road, would decommission a section of horse trail co-located on Twp Rd 198, and would create a short hiking trail linking the Vesuvius Recreation Area with the Balancing Rock Trail.

  • Kimble Loop West Reroute One Project

    This project is intended to provide more miles of horse trail and a more scenic horse trail path by re-locating a section that is currently co-located with Township Road 198.

  • Kinderhook Horse Trail Expansion

    The Kinderhook Horse Trail would be expanded by approximately 4.4 miles in order to provide more trail that is off roads, and to reroute a portion of the trail that was closed due to a landslide.

  • Kountry Kayak Concessionaire Request

    Permit holder will occupy a small government facility as an office for business, to rent Kayaks and sell packaged goods. There will be a temporary storage building placed beside the government facility and a temporary kayak launch ramp installed.

  • Lewis Hay Cultivation Permit

    The proposal is to utilize a hayfield that has been idle for 5 years. The hayfield has small saplings growing in the field, which will be removed. Warm season grasses would be planted then lime and fertlizer applied.

  • Little Muskingum River Canoe Launch Development

    Replace old launch site that is unsafe and improve parking and river access at the Ring Mill recreation site along the Little Muskingum River on the Marietta Unit. Replacement launch site may be moved from current location.

  • Long Hollow Restoration Project

    This project will involve working in the headwaters to open drainages and close subsidences, and the placement of a doser to treat acid mine drainage in the Long Hollow tributary of Snow Fork.

  • Long Ridge SE Project

    This project improves the diversity & quality of habitat by using prescribed fire & manual tree cutting. Implementation would open up the forest floor to reduce competition threatening oak seedlings & saplings, & would reduce hazard fuels in the area

  • Lost Run 3E Headwater Restoration

    Open blocked drainages to establish free-flowing water on surface to prevent it from seeping into underground mines.

  • Lymantria Dispar Slow-the-Spread Project

    This project would authorize aerial applications of mating disruption pheromone and species-specific larvicide known as Gypchek in the Marietta Unit of the WNF. This would be a multi-year project for slow-the-spread treatments.

  • Lyra and Rehobeth Wetland Restoration

    Restoration of wetlands in two bottomland fields for a complex of shallow wetlands that mimic the natural oxbows and shallow, scour-pool depressions that historically occurred. The pools will be up to 2.5 feet deep.

  • Marietta-Athens Pine Project

    The Marietta-Athens Pine Project would re-establish native hardwood trees and create young, brushy forest for wildlife by removing selected pine plantations through clearcutting.

  • Monkey Hollow Doser Project

    This project would improve the water quality in Monday Creek by reducing the AMD load in Monkey Hollow. The proposal is to issue a special use permit to the ODNR to put a limestone doser on national forest land in Monkey Hollow.

  • New Hay Cultivation Permit

    The proposal is to issue a 10-yr permit to cultivate hay on 14.8ac bisected by Lawrence CR 10 & 34. The area has been a hayfield in the past but is currently out of production. The proposed permitee would cultivate the field for hay production.

  • New Straitsville South Restoration

    Close subsidences and reestablish drainage in several small watersheds. Originally scoped in 2006. Re-scope in fall 2008.

  • North Country Trail Re-Route Project

    This project would provide for a more scenic and safer trail by rerouting segments of the North Country Trail off of public roads and other segments to more maintainable locations.

  • Ohio Power AEP - Athey Electric Line Installation

    Ohio Power is requesting to install an underground electric line from the east road right of way to State Rte 328 to a private residence. Ohio Power will maintain and repair the line when needed.

  • Ohio Power Company Amendments

    Improve utility performance by removing old lines and putting in new lines closer to the road.

  • Oil & Gas Well Plugging - Marietta Unit

    The Forest intends to plug six abandoned oil and gas wells on NFS land that are no longer in production and have no registered operators. In addition, the well pads and disturbed areas will be restored.

  • Oil and Gas Well Plugging - Marietta Unit

    Two abandoned vertical oil and gas wells would be plugged. There is a risk to the public safety if the well is not plugged.

  • Openlands Maintenance

    The Wayne National Forest proposes maintenance on approximately 2,600 acres of existing wildlife openings throughout the entire forest, using mechanical methods only. Prescribed fire may be analyzed in the development of future projects.

  • Pancake Road Daylighting

    A temporary increase to the York Township right-of-way along a portion of Pancake Rd (Twp 569) is proposed in order to allow the township to remove pine trees currently shading the road and causing hazardous conditions.

  • Pine Creek Historic Forest Restoration

    Analyzing 28,202 acres of hardwood forest damaged by ice in 2003 with the purpose of restoring the forest toward the historic forest condition described in the revised Forest Plan.

  • Pine Grove ATV Connector Trail

    This project designates 3.37 miles of ATV trail in order to connect the Hanging Rock ATV trails south of SR 650 to the Superior ATV trails north of CR 27. Most of the route would be on existing old road bed that would be improved to standard.

  • Plainview Horse Trail Project

    The project would create about 5.3 miles of new horse trail and a trailhead. The trail would be open for horseback riding April 15 - Dec 15 and foot traffic year-round. The trail accesses a scenic waterfall and rock features.

  • Pleasant-Bear Vegetation Management Project

    Create wildlife habitat that is missing or not in adequate supply. 564ac of early successional habitat through even-aged management techniques; 432ac of all-aged stands by single-tree and group selection; 870ac prescribed burning.

  • Precision Geophysical Inc. Seismic Testing

    Precision Geophysical Inc. is requesting a special use permit from Forest Service to conduct seismic testing in numerous locations. Geophone cables & geophones will be placed along a surveyed line. If approved, testing will begin on June 15, 2016.

  • Proposed 2010 Gypsy Moth Slow the Spread Treatment

    The proposed treatment area would have an aerial application of a gypsy moth mating disruptant known as pheromones in June or July 2010. The treatment is not toxic to gypsy moths, other wildlife, plants or humans. It disrupts the moth's mating cycle.

  • Ritter Driveway Access Request

    Permit would allow for use and improvement of an existing roadbed to provide landowner access to private land.

  • Scioto Water Inc, Waterline Special Use Permit

    US Forest Service to issue a Special Use permit to Scioto Water Inc, for the installation and maintenance of a buried domestic potable waterline in Jackson county across 1,585 feet of National Forest lands along an existing road.

  • Scioto Water Line at Poplar Fork

    Scioto Water would install a 6-inch waterline alongside Poplar Fork Road from the water tower near Powellsville to the potable water treatment plant in Franklin Furnace, Ohio. The line will be 6" PVC line at a depth between 36-48 inches.

  • Secondary Access Butcher #1-A Well

    Northwood Energy Corp is requesting a special use permit from Forest Service to clear a well tender access road for ATV use only. Access will be about 150ft long x 10ft wide. It will be used as needed about 2 times a week for the life of the well.

  • South Central Power Company Permit Renewal

    South Central Power Co. is requesting an existing permit to be renewed, expiring 3/1/2016. The company would be able to continue operating and maintaining an aerial electric power line and a buried power line. These lines supply power to the public.

  • Special Use Permit Renewals - Mowing

    Three cultivation (mowing) permits are expiring this year and need to be considered for renewal. Total acreage of the 3 non-contiguous parcels is 5.97 acres.

  • Special Use Private Road Application

    Authorize private landowner construction of road crossing NFS lands for ingress and egress to private land. Private land is surrounded by NFS lands.

  • Stone Church Habitat and White Pine Health Improvement Project

    This project is cancelled. Portions may be investigated for analysis in the future

  • Stonebridge Natural Gas Pipeline Special Use

    Proposal to issue a special use permit for an underground natural gas pipeline crossing approx 8200 feet of National Forest lands. PROJECT CANCELLED.

  • Symmes Valley School Bus Turnaround

    Symmes Valley School District would like to install a gravel turnaround area for a school bus. The proposed turnaround will be approximately 20ft in width. x 35ft. in length.

  • System Trail Adaptation, Relocation, and Reconstruction (STARR)

    The STARR Project is a forest-wide programmatic decision that would authorize improvements to the Wayne National Forest Trail system. It would authorize trail re-routes, trail reconstruction, and the closure and rehabilitation of unauthorized routes

  • Temporary Timber Haul Road

    A temporary right-of-way issued to a private landowner to haul private timber across National Forest System lands to Dark Lick Road near the Low Gap. The right-of-way which currently exists would be widened and the surface would be hardened.

  • The Sunny Oaks Project

    This project will create young, brushy forests that are largely composed of oaks and hickories; respond to insect and disease threats; and contribute to local economies. Taking action will provide habitat for wildlife that is lacking in the area.

  • Tornado Salvage Treatment

    On 9/16/2010 a wind event struck The Plains area, damaging a wide swath of National Forestland. This project will include a salvage treatment to approximately 97 of those acres.

  • Trail Seasonality Forest Plan Amendment

    Amend the Forest Plan to remove a standard that requires seasonal closure (December 16-April 14) of OHV, mountain bike, and equestrian trails. OHV trails would still have a static closure, but other trails would have annually established closures.

  • Union Baptist Church Road Permit

    Maintaining road that provides access to cemetery.

  • Upstream Rock Run Restoration

    Open 16 small drainages blocked by old mining activity. Establish appropriately sloped drainages so water can flow downstream rather than percolate into subsurface mine voids creating acid mine drainage. Disturbance approx. 50 ac.

  • Vesuvius Water Line Project

    Proposal to replace a 5.7 mile waterline servicing the Lake Vesuvius Recreation Area on the Ironton Ranger District.

  • Washington Electric Cooperative Powerline Special Use Permit

    Proposal to authorize the installation and maintenance of a powerline to provide electric service to private lands in Elk Township of Noble County, OH. Line and poles will run along an existing road, crossing 600' of National Forest System lands.

  • Washington Electric Cooperative Special Use Permit

    Washington Electric Cooperative submitted an application for a special use permit to occupy a 30 foot right of way for about 1,200 feet through the Wayne National Forest for a single phase power line.

  • West Bailey Subsidence Closure

    A pre-existing mine subsidence was recently discovered on the Forest. This subsidence poses a danger to the public. The proposed action is to permanently close the subsidence by backfilling with compacted fill material.

  • Yellow-Fringed Orchid Habitat Improvement

    Remove understory seedlings and saplings around known orchids using a combination of cutting, hand pulling, propane torches and herbicide. Girdle overstory trees if necessary.