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Four times a year, the Forest publishes a Schedule of Proposed Actions (SOPA). To view our Schedule of Proposed Actions, please visit the Forest Service SOPA page for the White River National Forest.

White River National Forest Current and Recent Projects

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Developing Proposal

Frenchman Creek Spring Redevelopment

Rebuild existing spring development for improved water quality for livestock and wildlife, reduction of riparian/ wetland area trampling, and overflow mitigation.

Under Analysis

Adventure Cycling Association Ten-year Outfitter and Guide Permit Issuance

Issuance of a ten year outfitter and guide permit to Adventure Cycling Association to authorize multiple cycling tours to operate annually on National Forest System Lands across the Rocky Mountain Region.

Arctic Placer Trail Realignment & Construction

The purpose of this project is to improve the condition of the Arctic Placer Trail through realignment and construction. The existing trail is very steep, travels straight up the hillside, and is causing soil erosion during spring run.

Aspen Mountain Pandora Development and Summit Snowmaking Projects

The following are proposed on USFS lands: approximately 60 acres cleared trail and gladed terrain; chairlift and ancillary infrastructure; bottom terminal access road; and 50 acres snowmaking, pump station, 18,000 feet line, and two storage ponds.

Basalt Mountain Salvage and Rehabilitation Project

Proposing vegetation treatments to salvage fire killed timber, remove hazard trees and create defensible space near structures in the Cattle Creek area. Additionally, approximately 6,500 acres will be monitored for reforestation needs.

Berlaimont Estates Road Improvement Project

The Proposed Action would authorize Berlaimont to improve those existing segments of NFSR 774 and 780 as they lead up to the southeastern corner of the Berlaimont property from local public roads in Edwards.

Blanco Ranger District Five Year Recreation Event Special Use Permit Issuance

Issuance of five year recreation event permits to authorize 2 recreation events to operate on the Blanco Ranger District. Events have been authorized in prior years under temporary permits. Events are ATV and snowmobile rides.

Broken Wheel Trail Realignment & Construction

The purpose of this project is to improve the condition of the Broken Wheel Trail through realignment and construction. The existing trail is very steep, travels straight up the hillside, and is causing soil erosion during spring run.

Copper Mountain Snowmaking and Summer Uses

Installation of additional snowmaking, mountain biking and hiking trails, camping activity, and access road extension at Copper Mountain Resort.

County Line Project

The Aspen-Sopris Ranger District is proposing approximately 1600 acres of vegetation treatments along FSR 300. Additional projects identified in the area include recreation management enhancements and prescribed fire.

Eagle/Holy Cross Trail Reroutes

Proposal to re-route portions of these trails are steeper than FS trail standards direct. The proposed action would lessen the trail grade and include more sustainable trail design

El Jebel Administrative Sites, Upper and Lower Parcels, Conveyance Project

Proposal to sell two adjacent parcels of land (approx. 40 acres and 30 acres in size), and the associated water rights and mineral estate in El Jebel, Colo. pursuant to the Forest Service Facilities Realignment and Enhancement Act of 2015.

Golden Peak Improvements 2016

The proposal focuses on improving racing/training terrain on Golden Peak at Vail, which is based on concepts included in the 2007 Master Development Plan (MDP) Update and which was site-specifically analyzed in the 2009 Final EIS.

Griefenberg Driveway Easement Project

Issue a driveway easement off the Forest Service Road 245. Easement would be for private parcel #187130200006. Easement would be 20 feet long by 15 feet wide for the purpose of accessing private land. The driveway was established in 1930.

Miners Creek Trail Reconstruction (FDT#38)

To improve the condition of the Miners Creek trail through the realignment of three segments where the trail is very steep and goes up the fall line. Trail reconstruction will be accomplished through hand crew and/or motorized construction.

Muddy Pass/Sheephorn Project

The Muddy Pass/Sheephorn Project, located on the Holy Cross Ranger District, is proposing a variety of management activities designed to benefit multiple resources, including forest vegetation, fisheries, range, transportation, fuels, and wildlife.

Rifle Ranger District Five Year Recreation Event Special Use Permit Issuance

Issuance of five year recreation event permits to authorize 3 recreation events to operate on the Rifle Ranger District. Events have been authorized in prior years under temporary permits. Events are running races,and a multi-day archery shoot.

Shrine Pass Road Sheep Shipping Corrals

Proposal to build permanent sheep shipping corrals easily accessible by semi in the Shrine Pass area in order to spatially separate fall gathering and shipping operations from fall recreation demands at the very busy Shrine Pass Trailhead.

Vail Mountain Resort Snowmaking

Construction of 262 acres of new snowmaking coverage on Vail Mountain, primarily the upper front side; includes 32.5 miles of new snowmaking pipeline and 14 new valve stations.

White River Forest Health and Fuels Management Project

White River National Forest proposes to perform density reduction treatments in over-crowded regenerating stands of trees. Treatments would reduce the number of trees per acre to improve overall stand health.

Wolf Creek Storage Wells Project

Proposal to Two new wells would be drilled to replace Wolf Creek Wells #5 and #9 at the existing Wolf Creek #9 location. Existing roads would be used. New buildings and well pad equipment would be installed on the existing pad.

Analysis Completed

2015 USA Pro Cycling Challenge Race Special Use Authorization

Classic Bicycle Racing LLC makes temporary use of NFS lands during 4 of the total 7 stages on four National Forests within Colorado for ancillary facilities such as staging areas with portable toilets, signs, barricades, message boards, and filming.

Beaver Creek Resort - McCoy Park Terrain Development

The McCoy Park proposal consists of various lift, terrain, snowmaking and operational developments. These improvements will provide for lift served skiing servicing beginner and low-intermediate terrain separated from advanced-level terrain.

CDOT Hwy 24 geo-monitoring instruments

CDOT proposes to install three subsurface inclinometers and monitoring wells all within a 0.75-acre footprint located adjacent to U.S. Highway 24 north of Minturn. Monitoring equipment will be by foot one to two times per month for up to one year.

Crystal River Wildland Urban Interface (WUI) Fuels Reduction Project

Proposal to use mechanical treatment to reduce hazardous fuel loadings in the wildland urban interface.

Hanging Lake Area Management Plan

Design and implement a management plan for the Hanging Lake Area (parking area, trails, lake, and Spouting Rock) to protect and preserve the unique and fragile natural resources at the Hanging Lake Area sustaining a high quality visitor experience.

Snowmass Multi-Season Recreation Projects

Proposal at Snowmass Ski Area includes: 16 miles of mountain biking and hiking trails, a mountain coaster, a canopy tour, a zip line, a ropes challenge course, a climbing wall, and three multi-purpose activity areas.

Snowmass Snowmaking and Elk Camp Meadows Projects

Provide additional snowmaking coverage on 33 acres of terrain in the Alpine Springs area and add a storage structure and tubing hill operations kiosk in the Elk Camp Meadows area.

Upper Fryingpan Vegetation Management Project

Proposal to implement approx. 1,964 acres of vegetation management activities on NFS lands located in Eagle and Pitkin Counties, Colorado. Potential treatment areas have been identified within the upper Fryingpan watershed.

White River National Forest Oil and Gas Leasing Environmental Impact Statement

The WRNF Oil & Gas Leasing EIS will revise the existing 1993, Oil & Gas Leasing availability decision for the WRNF. The proposal will make revisions to the availability of certain WRNF lands for lease and to the stipulations on lands available.

On Hold

Camp Hale Restoration and Enhancement Project

The purpose of action is to improve aquatic, riparian, and wetland conditions in and along the Eagle River, maintain or improve recreation opportunities and facilities, and conserve historic values in the Camp Hale area.

Indiana Creek Aquatic Organism Passage and Road Decommissioning

To create an Aquatic Organism Passage at the open water ford at the intersection of Indiana Creek and Pennsylvania Creek Rd. The 2nd objective is to decommission a 1.3 mi segment of a non-system FS road that is causing sediment and bank instability.

Western Area Power Administration Right-of-Way Maintenance and Reauthorization Project

Update vegetation management activities along 278 miles of transmission lines located on NFS lands in Colorado, Nebraska, and Utah. These activities are intended to protect the transmission lines by managing for stable, low growth vegetation.


American Tower- A-Basin Communications Site

New authorization for construction of cellular phone comm site along US Highway 6 between Loveland Pass and Keystone (A-Basin). The facility will be multi-carrier facility consisting of one prefabricated equipment shelter and two towers.

American Tower- East Dillon Communications Site

New authorization for construction of a cellular phone comm site along I-70 between the Eisenhower Tunnel & East Dillon. The facility will be a multi-carrier facility consisting of one prefab equip shelter and 2 towers.

Aspen Highlands Golden Horn Project

Aspen Skiing Company has proposed to reinstall a detachable surface lift running approx. 2,540 ft with 640 ft of vertical rise on the Golden Horn run in the summer of 2013. Approximately half of this distance will be on NFS land.

Bowles Ditch and Pipeline Authorization

Reissuance of expired SU Permit for a spring development and pipeline approx. 1300 feet long. Also for a ditch for supplying water to fish ponds on private lands that is approx. 200 feet long. The permit will continuee to have a 10 foot wide use area

Capitol Creek and East Sopris C&H Grazing Allotments EA

Proposal to analyze cattle grazing for a total of 913 AUMs between July and October between Capitol Creek and East Sopris Allotments. If authorized, grazing would be managed in a manner that maintains or moves towards desired conditions.

Gypsum Creek C&H Allotment Grazing Analysis

Proposal to continue grazing authorization for 592 cattle between June 16 and October 16 annually (3,204 AUMs), construct several range improvements to improve livestock distribution and management.

Lava Boulder Creek Exploratory Well

Ursa Resources is requesting to construct one well pad and to drill up to four wells on Federal lease #COC-66708. On Hold awaiting BLM leasing decision.

Lower Blue Sagebrush Enhancement Project

Construct water dev. to enhance sagegrouse brood-rearing habitat. Design & implement a livestock grazing prog. to enhance habitat conditions required for all sagegrouse life stages in partnership with current & future livestock grazing permittees.

Pitkin County Colorado - Elephant Hill Communication Site Rebuild

Pitkin County is proposing to rebuild the Elephant Hill Communication facility. A second surface and shallow-buried powerline, new towers,solar panels, and building are proposed. The use may include cell phones and Internet S.P. at a future date.

Public Service Company of Colorado (PSCo) - Reissuance of Transmission Lines

Reissuance of transmission line permits to PSCo that have expired: Hopkins/Leadville Line, Wolcott-Avon-Vail line, and the Wolcott to Beaver Creek line.

Redevelopment of Elephant Mountain Communication Site

The building and towers currently located at the site are beyond their useful life and are in a state of disrepair, and will be replaced. The Existing six - 40 ft towers will be replaced with two 40 ft towers, and additional solar panels.

Redstone Campground Debris Flow Project

The concern for future debris flows at Redstone Campground area has initiated the Forest Service to review, analyze, and propose actions to provide camper safety and a debris management plan to minimize sediment into the Crystal River.

Shadow Creek Ranch - Smith Ditch No. 2

New authorization for operating and maintaining an existing irrigation ditch (Smith Ditch No. 2) that was previously authorized and expired in 1980. the ditch diverts water from Deep Creek to the Shadow Creek Ranch.

St. Paul Mining Claim Access Road

Special use authorization for use, occupancy, construction and maintenance of a private driveway to access private property on the St Paul Lode mining claim (MS# 8884) in the Golden Horseshoe Area east of Breckenridge, CO.

Supplement to the Weber Hut EA

The Dillon Ranger District will be analyzing an alternative parking lot location to the location that was analyzed in the July 2014 Environmental Assessment

Town of Carbondale, Colorado: Nettle Creek Water Treatment Facility Permit Reissuance

Re-issuance of expired special use permit SOP 109501 to the Town of Carbondale, Colorado for use of its water treatment facility and associated spring boxes, pipelines, buildings, tanks and other structures. Expired BLM easement C-0108815 is included

Travel Mgmt Plan Rev BNC Corridor Cliff/Meadow Lake, Mansfield/Clark Point and Clinetop Cow Camp

Provide access from campsites to the BNC motorized trail system. Provide access to Clark Ridge by allowing mixed motorized use on a sect. of BNC road. Correct designations and mapping errors providing motorized and non-motorized trail opportunities

Xcel Transmission Tower Vegetation Management Project

Vegetation/fuel profile management within 150 ft of all electric transmission towers on the Forest to decrease risk of critical damage to electric line support structures due to wildfire. Hand felling of live and dead trees to 30-40% canopy cover.

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