CIRMOUNT-sponsored projects are action-oriented, product-driven working groups that seek to advance CIRMOUNT goals. In some cases, projects are sponsored by CIRMOUNT and in others CIRMOUNT is a partner. Projects are open to all interested; contact project leaders for further information.

Photo: Scientist taking sample from a very old tree
Current CIRMOUNT projects include:
  • North American GLORIA (Global Observation Research Initiative in Alpine Environments) promotes coordinated and integrated monitoring on mountain summits of alpine plant response to climate change using the international GLORIA protocol and additional research approaches.
  • North American Treeline Network (NATN) brings together scientists and resource managers interested in treeline ecotones of mountain regions in North America to catalyze integrated research across disciplines, scales, and methodologies and to promote understanding of past and present treeline dynamics. Contact Dave Cairns, (cairns[at]