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1. Tree ring widths and multi-objective trade-offs in western Oregon mature stands

Williams, Neil G.; Powers, Matthew D.

2. Data on fluvial suspended-sediment response to wildfire and a major post-fire flood

Ryan-Burkett, Sandra E.; Shobe, Charles M.; Rathburn, Sara L.; Dixon, Mark K.

3. Forest dynamics after thinning and fuel reduction in Pringle Falls Experimental Forest – bark beetle response data

Fettig, Christopher J.; Mortenson, Leif A.; Audley, Jackson P.

5. Elliot Ranch ponderosa pine Levels-Of-Growing-Stock study in Tahoe National Forest of California

Zhang, Jianwei; Finley, Kaelyn A.; Uzoh, Fabian C.C.

9. Fuelscape datasets for wildfire risk assessment in the sagebrush biome (270m) Data publication contains GIS data

Short, Karen C.; Scott, Joe H.; Gilbertson-Day, Julie W.; Napoli, James M.; Olszewski, Julia H.; Chambers, Jeanne C.; Brown, Jessi L.; Crist, Michele R.; Ellsworth, Lisa M.; Reeves, Matthew C.; Strand, Eva K.; Tortorelli, Claire M.; Urza, Alexandra K.; Vaillant, Nicole M.