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1. Tree canopy cover in the Great Lakes region, 1985-2019 Data publication contains GIS data

Filippelli, Steven K.; Schleeweis, Karen G.; Nelson, Mark D.; Fekety, Patrick A.; Vogeler, Jody C.

2. Maps of Puerto Rico and Virgin Islands forest functional groups, biomass, height, and species counts (2001-2008) and satellite image composites (1980-2000) Data publication contains GIS data

Helmer, Eileen H.; Ruzycki, Thomas S.; Wilson, Barry T.; Sherrill, Kirk R.; Lefsky, Michael A.; Marcano-Vega, Humfredo; Brandeis, Thomas J.; Erickson, Heather E.; Reufenacht, Bonnie

3. Proportions of wildland vegetation in proximity to buildings: Assessments for the conterminous United States, National Forests lands, and private inholdings Data publication contains GIS data

Carlson, Amanda R.; Radeloff, Volker C.; Helmers, David P.; Mockrin, Miranda H.; Hawbaker, Todd J.; Pidgeon, Anna

4. Holyoke and Chelsea, MA urban tree canopy cover data, 1952-2014 Data publication contains GIS data

Healy, Marc; Rogan, John; Roman, Lara A.; Nix, Sabine; Martin, Deborah G.; Geron, Nicholas

5. Key data inputs and modeling outputs for "Opportunities for forest sector emissions reductions: A state-level analysis"

Dugan, Alexa J.; Lichstein, Jeremy W.; Steele, Al; Metsaranta, Juha M.; Bick, Steven; Hollinger, David Y.

6. New Jersey fuel treatment effects: Wildfire Airborne Sensor Program - orthorectified long-wave infrared and visible data images Data publication contains GIS data

Kremens, Robert L.; Skowronski, Nicholas S.; Simeoni, Albert J.; Clark, Kenneth L.; Mell, William E.; Hadden, Rory M.; Gallagher, Michael R.; Mueller, Eric V.; El Houssami, Mohamad; Filkov, Alexander I.; Thomas, Jan Christian

7. RxCADRE 2008: Wildfire Airborne Sensor Program - Lite uncalibrated long wave infrared image mosaics Data publication contains GIS data

Hudak, Andrew T.; Bright, Benjamin C.; Kremens, Robert L.; Dickinson, Matthew B.; Alden, Matthew G.

8. Early successional forest and land cover geospatial data of the upper Midwest Data publication contains GIS data

Garner, James D.; Nelson, Mark D.; Tavernia, Brian G.; Housman, Ian W.; Perry, Charles H.

9. Forest stand age map of Canada (2011) and the United States (2006 & 2011) Data publication contains GIS data

Pan, Yude; Birdsey, Richard; McCullough, Kevin; Bernier, Pierre Y.; Beaudoin, Andrè; Villemaire, Philippe; Guindon, Luc

10. Forest canopy disturbance geospatial data for Lake Michigan basin, USA, 1985-2008 Data publication contains GIS data

Housman, Ian W.; Nelson, Mark D.; Perry, Charles H.; Stueve, Kirk M.; Huang, Chengquan