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1. 2011 Texas Tanglewood fire: post-fire database Data publication contains GIS data

McNamara, Derek J.; Maranghides, Alexander; Ridenour, Karen C.; Mell, William E.

2. Species location data for terrestrial vertebrates and butterflies in Arizona and New Mexico, 2005 Data publication contains GIS data

Bender, Darren J.; Flather, Curtis H.; Wilson, Kenneth R.; Reese, Gordon C.

5. Survey data for the 2014 fuel treatment science plan

Zimmerman, G. Thomas

6. Desolation Wilderness: data from 1997-1998 visitor response to fees, fee demonstration project

Watson, Alan E.; Puttkammer, Annette; Christensen, Neal A.

7. Shining Rock Wilderness: 1990 visitor survey data

Watson, Alan E.; Cole, David N.; Roggenbuck, Joseph W.; Stubbs, Christopher J.

8. Motorboat use on the Main Salmon River: Data from a study for the Frank Church-River of No Return Wilderness

Watson, Alan E.; Patterson, Michael E.; Christensen, Neal A.; Puttkammer, Annette; Meyer, Shannon