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3. Holt Research Forest regeneration data

Witham, Jack W.

4. Tenderfoot Creek Experimental Forest daily average streamflow data: 1992-2001

Smith, Helen Y.; Glasgow, Lance S.; McCaughey, Ward W.

5. Situk River, Alaska: 2003 recreation visitor study data

Christensen, Neal A.; Watson, Alan E.; Whittaker, Doug

6. Oral history of changes in wilderness conditions, use, and management in the Sequoia Kings Canyon National Parks: 2010 interviews

Steiner, Alison M.; Williams, Daniel R.; Fauth, Gregg D.; Watson, Alan E.

7. Data from 2014 Wilderness Management Survey: Science needs, training needs, and demographics of managers

Ghimire, Ramesh; Watson, Alan E.; Green, Gary T.; Cordell, Ken H.

8. Timber survey data from 1911 in the Greenhorn Mountains, Sequoia National Forest

Stephens, Scott L.; Lydersen, Jamie M.; Collins, Brandon M.; Fry, Danny L.; Meyer, Marc D.

9. High-resolution land cover of Kansas (2015) Data publication contains GIS data

Paull, Darci A.; Whitson, Jakob W.; Marcotte, Abbey L.; Liknes, Greg C.; Meneguzzo, Dacia M.; Kellerman, Todd A.