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2. The changing Midwest assessment: data and shapefiles Data publication contains GIS data

Potts, Robert S.; Gustafson, Eric J.; Stewart, Susan I.; Thompson, Frank R.; Bergen, Kathleen; Brown, Daniel G.; Hammer, Roger; Radeloff, Volker; Bengston, David; Sauer, John; Sturtevant, Brian

6. Overstory tree and regeneration data from the "Silvicultural Effects on Composition, Structure, and Growth" study at Penobscot Experimental Forest (2nd Edition)

Kenefic, Laura S.; Rogers, Nicole S.; Puhlick, Joshua J.; Waskiewicz, Justin D.; Brissette, John C.

8. Precommercial thinning x fertilization study data from the Penobscot Experimental Forest

Brissette, John C.; Kenefic, Laura S.; Russell, Matthew B.

10. Campsite condition data for the San Rafael Wilderness

Cole, David N.; Spildie, David R.

11. Southern pine defoliation growth response data

Weise, David R.; Wade, Dale D.; Johansen, Ragnar W.; Combs, David C.; Ach, Edward E.

12. Tenderfoot Creek Research Project seedling, sapling and variable radius plot tree data

Glasgow, Lance S.; Wright, David K.; Sutherland, Elaine K.; McCaughey, Ward W.

14. Streamflow data for the Priest River Experimental Forest

Link, Timothy E.; Wei, Liang; Denner, Robert J.

15. BeeTrees: tropical and sub-tropical nectar and pollen sources

Workman, Sarah W.; Stuthman, Joel

16. Urban tree database

McPherson, E. Gregory; van Doorn, Natalie S.; Peper, Paula J.

18. Felled tree biomass for four hardwood species of the central Appalachians, West Virginia

Wood, Frederica; Kochenderfer, James N.; Adams, Mary B.

19. Physical and chemical properties of the foliage of 10 live wildland fuels

Gallacher, Jonathan R.; Lansinger, Victoria B.; Hansen, Sydney E.; Ellsworth, Taylor J.; Weise, David R.; Fletcher, Thomas H.