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1. Maps of Puerto Rico and Virgin Islands forest functional groups, biomass, height, and species counts (2001-2008) and satellite image composites (1980-2000) Data publication contains GIS data

Helmer, Eileen H.; Ruzycki, Thomas S.; Wilson, Barry T.; Sherrill, Kirk R.; Lefsky, Michael A.; Marcano-Vega, Humfredo; Brandeis, Thomas J.; Erickson, Heather E.; Reufenacht, Bonnie

3. University of Pennsylvania campus tree inventories, 2003 and 2014

Roman, Lara A.; Fristensky, Jason P.; Lundgren, Robert E.; Cerwinka, Chloe E.; Lubar, Jason E.

6. Black Hills National Forest 2019 Forest Inventory and Analysis data

USDA Forest Service, Northern Research Station, Forest Inventory and Analysis

7. Key data inputs and modeling outputs for "Opportunities for forest sector emissions reductions: A state-level analysis"

Dugan, Alexa J.; Lichstein, Jeremy W.; Steele, Al; Metsaranta, Juha M.; Bick, Steven; Hollinger, David Y.

10. Public and private forest ownership in the conterminous United States: distribution of six ownership types - geospatial dataset Data publication contains GIS data

Hewes, Jaketon H.; Butler, Brett J.; Liknes, Greg C.; Nelson, Mark D.; Snyder, Stephanie A.