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1. Overstory tree and regeneration data from the "Management Intensity Demonstration" study at Penobscot Experimental Forest

Waskiewicz, Justin D.; Kenefic, Laura S.; Puhlick, Joshua J.; Rogers, Nicole S.; Brissette, John C.

2. BeeTrees: tropical and sub-tropical nectar and pollen sources

Workman, Sarah W.; Stuthman, Joel

3. Final spatial and tabular data from a process-based model (3-PG) used to predict and map hybrid poplar biomass productivity in Minnesota and Wisconsin, USA Data publication contains GIS data

Headlee, William L.; Lietz, Sue M.; Baumann, Tina M.; Zalesny, Ronald S. Jr.; Donner, Deahn M.; Hall, Richard B.

4. Timber survey data from 1911 in the Greenhorn Mountains, Sequoia National Forest

Stephens, Scott L.; Lydersen, Jamie M.; Collins, Brandon M.; Fry, Danny L.; Meyer, Marc D.

5. Raster surfaces created from the mapping of longleaf extent and condition using Landsat and FIA data project Data publication contains GIS data

Hogland, John S.; St. Peter, Joseph R.; Anderson, Nathaniel M.

6. Forest Vegetation Simulator keyword component (KCP) files associated with the compendium of silvicultural treatments for forest types in the United States

Houtman, Rachel M.; Day, Michelle A.; Hooten, Erin; Ritchie, Martin W.; Jain, Theresa B.; Schuler, Thomas M.