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1. Responses of woody and grassland ecosystems to increased carbon dioxide as water supply varies

Pan, Yude; Jackson, Robert B.; Hollinger, David Y.; Phillips, Oliver L.; Nowak, Robert S.; Norby, Richard J.; Oren, Ram; Reich, Peter B.; Lüscher, Andreas; Mueller, Kevin E.; Owensby, Clenton E.; Birdsey, Richard A.; Hom, John; Luo, Yiqi

2. Soil profile morphology and chemistry, Allegheny National Forest, PA, 1997-2017

Bailey, Scott W.; Long, Robert P.; Horsley, Stephen B.

3. Fire-adapted witness trees across the northeastern United States including four National Forests Data publication contains GIS data

Thomas-Van Gundy, Melissa A.; Nowacki, Gregory J.; Cogbill, Charles V.

5. Philadelphia park tree cover data, 1959-2018 Data publication contains GIS data

Nix, Sabine A.; Roman, Lara A.; Healy, Marc; Rogan, John; Pearsall, Hamil

6. Long-term SUCCESS: Vegetation data collected in 2017 from permanent plots in the sagebrush steppe of south-central Washington state

Bakker, Jonathan D.; Davies, Matt G.; Wainwright, Claire E.; Power, Simon C.

7. Hitchiti loblolly pine growing space study Data publication contains GIS data

Leduc, Daniel J.; Wenger, Karl F.; Cooper, Robert W.; Brender, Ernst V.; Jones, Earle

8. Plot-level ladder fuel estimation from a suite of remote sensing and field methods

Forbes, Brieanne K.; Reilly, Sean P.; Clark, Matthew L.; Ferrell, Ryan M.; Kelly, Allison C.; Krause, Paris D.; Matley, Corbin D.; O’Neil, Michael W.; Villasenor, Michelle T.; Disney, Mathias I.; Wilkes, Phil; Bentley, Lisa P.

9. Data from "Wildfire severity and postfire salvage harvest effects on long-term forest regeneration"

Povak, Nicholas A.; Churchill, Derek J.; Cansler, C. Alina; Hessburg, Paul F.; Kane, Van R.; Kane, Jonathan T.; Lutz, James A.; Larson, Andrew J.

10. Aboveground biomass in primary and second-growth forests in Hawai‘i

Hughes, Richard F.; Grossman, Dennis H.; Sowards, Travis G.; Marshall, Jonathan D.; Mueller-Dombois, Dieter