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2. Groundwater level data for Watershed-9 (W-9) in the Sleepers River Research Watershed (Vermont)

Shanley, James B.; Sebestyen, Stephen D.; Smith, Thor E.; Chalmers, Ann T.; Clark, Stew F.; Denner, Jon C.

3. Coulee Experimental Forest larch and red pine measurements, 1988 & 1993

Forest Service Research Data Archive

4. Cloud forest data for "Neotropical cloud forests and páramo to contract and dry from declines in cloud immersion and frost" Data publication contains GIS data

Helmer, Eileen H.; Gerson, Elizabeth A.; Baggett, L. Scott; Bird, Benjamin J.; Ruzycki, Thomas S.; Voggesser, Shannon M.

6. Understory vegetation and site condition data from the "Nonnative Invasive Plants" study at the Penobscot Experimental Forest

Olson, Elizabeth K.; Kenefic, Laura S.; Zukswert, Jenna M.; Langley, CJ M.; Dibble, Alison C.; Muñoz Delgado, Bethany L.

8. Forest Inventory and Analysis database

USDA Forest Service

9. Red alder soil-site study

Harrington, Constance A.

11. High-resolution land cover of Nebraska (2014) Data publication contains GIS data

Kellerman, Todd A.; Meneguzzo, Dacia M.; Vaitkus, Milda ; White, Monica; Ossell, Ryan; Sorsen, Nathan; Stannard, Jack; Gift, Trent; Cox, Jessica; Liknes, Greg C.

12. Wildland fire impacts on water supply (FIWAS) data for the contiguous United States

Hallema, Dennis W.; Sun, Ge; Caldwell, Peter V.; McNulty, Steven G.

13. Socioeconomic data for Forest Service 2020 RPA Assessment

Wear, David N.; Prestemon, Jeffrey P.

16. Vegetation data following the Fire and Fire Surrogate Study in western Montana

Crotteau, Justin S.; Keyes, Christopher R.; Hood, Sharon M.; Larson, Andrew J.

17. Digital surface, terrain, and canopy height models for Moscow Mountain in 2009 Data publication contains GIS data

Bright, Benjamin C.; Hudak, Andrew T.; McCarley, T. Ryan

18. Summary of U.S. threatened and endangered species listings, 1976-2019

Knowles, Michael S.; Flather, Curtis H.

19. Base data for three focal landscapes in Wisconsin used for grassland bird conservation Data publication contains GIS data

Ribic, Christine A.; Guttery, Michael R.; Sample, David W.; Schneider, Daniel; Paulios, Andy; Dadisman, John; Horton, Josephine A.; Trosen, Christopher

20. Forest-level appendices to the assessment of the influence of disturbance, management activities, and environmental factors on carbon stocks of U.S. National Forests

Birdsey, Richard A.; Dugan, Alexa J.; Healey, Sean P.; Dante-Wood, Karen; Zhang, Fangmin; Mo, Gang; Chen, Jing M.; Hernandez, Alexander J.; Raymond, Crystal L.; McCarter, James