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1. Water chemistry data for studies of the biodegradability of dissolved organic matter in peatland catchments at the Marcell Experimental Forest: 2009-2011

Sebestyen, Stephen D.; Funke, Meghan M.; Cotner, James B.; Larson, John T.; Aspelin, Nathan A.

2. Daily precipitation data from recording rain gages (RRG) at Coweeta Hydrologic Lab, North Carolina

Miniat, Chelcy Ford; Laseter, Stephanie H.; Swank, Wayne T.; Swift, Lloyd W. Jr.

3. Species occurrence data from the Range-Wide Bull Trout eDNA Project Data publication contains GIS data

Young, Michael K.; Isaak, Daniel J.; McKelvey, Kevin S.; Schwartz, Michael K.; Carim, Kellie J.; Fredenberg, Wade; Wilcox, Taylor M.; Franklin, Thomas W.; Chandler, Gwynne L.; Nagel, David E.; Parkes-Payne, Sharon L.; Horan, Dona L.; Wollrab, Sherry P.

5. The 1990-2010 wildland-urban interface of the conterminous United States - geospatial data (2nd Edition) Data publication contains GIS data

Radeloff, Volker C.; Helmers, David P.; Kramer, H. Anu; Mockrin, Miranda H.; Alexandre, Patricia M.; Bar Massada, Avi; Butsic, Van; Hawbaker, Todd J.; Martinuzzi, Sebastián; Syphard, Alexandra D.; Stewart, Susan I.

6. Motorboat use on the Main Salmon River: Data from a study for the Frank Church-River of No Return Wilderness

Watson, Alan E.; Patterson, Michael E.; Christensen, Neal A.; Puttkammer, Annette; Meyer, Shannon

9. Fernow Experimental Forest overstory tree and regeneration data from the "Management Intensity Demonstration" study

Schuler, Thomas M.; Thomas-Van Gundy, Melissa A.; Wood, Frederica