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Human values, behavior, and attitudes: Data from a survey of visitors within Oregon's Eagle Cap Wilderness
Watson, Alan E. ; Zaglauer, Hans P.
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These data were collected using funding from the U.S. Government and can be used without additional permissions or fees. If you use these data in a publication, presentation, or other research product please use the citation below when citing the data product:
Watson, Alan E.; Zaglauer, Hans P. 2015. Human values, behavior, and attitudes: Data from a survey of visitors within Oregon's Eagle Cap Wilderness. Fort Collins, CO: Forest Service Research Data Archive.
This data publication contains data from a study of visitors to Oregon's Eagle Cap Wilderness in 1993. Between June and November, visitors were asked to participate in a survey asking questions about their trip and views of the wilderness. Specifically they were asked questions about the number of people and groups seen during their trip, general feelings toward solitude and the wilderness, the level of solitude and wilderness solitude experienced on their trip, things that influenced the solitude on their trip, general feelings toward the management of the wilderness, and how much (if at all) evidence of human use of the wilderness detracted from their enjoyment of the trip.
visitor trends; visitor preferences; wilderness; solitude; visitor conflict; trailhead survey; mailback survey; biota; environment; society; Natural Resource Management & Use; Wilderness; Environment and People; Recreation; Inventory, Monitoring, & Analysis; Eagle Cap Wilderness Area; Oregon; Pacific Northwest Region; Wallowa-Whitman National Forest
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