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Early successional forest and land cover geospatial data of the upper Midwest GIS Label
Garner, James D. ; Nelson, Mark D. ; Tavernia, Brian G. ; Housman, Ian W. ; Perry, Charles H.
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These data were collected using funding from the U.S. Government and can be used without additional permissions or fees. If you use these data in a publication, presentation, or other research product please use the following citation:
Garner, James D.; Nelson, Mark D.; Tavernia, Brian G.; Housman, Ian W.; Perry, Charles H. 2016. Early successional forest and land cover geospatial data of the upper Midwest. Fort Collins, CO: Forest Service Research Data Archive. Data publication updated 07 April 2016.
These geospatial data portray early successional forest (ESF) and other land cover in Michigan, Wisconsin, and most of Minnesota. Forest canopy disturbance between 1990 and 2009 was mapped using 42 Landsat time series stacks (LTSS) and a modified version of the vegetation change tracker algorithm (VCTw). Corresponding winter imagery was used to reduce commission errors of forest disturbance in densely vegetated nonforest tracts by identifying areas of persistent snow cover and assigning those areas to nonforest class. The resulting disturbance age map was classed into four 5-year age classes and persisting cover classes, then used to attribute age to forested pixels within the National Land Cover Database of 2011 (NLCD2011). Additional post processing was conducted to reduce misregistration, and a minimum mapping unit of 4 30-meter pixels was applied to comply with the USDA Forest Service, Forest Inventory and Analysis (FIA) definition of forest. A small percentage of NLCD2011 Shrub/Scrub and Grassland/Herbaceous pixels were also reclassified as forest based on VCTw data (see processing steps).
biota; imageryBaseMapsEarthCover; Ecology, Ecosystems, & Environment; Geography; forest canopy disturbance; disturbance mapping; change detection; vegetation change tracker; VCTw; Landsat time series stack; map; early successional forest; ESF; image analysis; natural resource management; remote sensing; geospatial data; ecology; habitat alteration; land use change; habitat fragmentation; land use and land cover; forest resources; forest ecosystems; upper Midwest; United States of America; Michigan; Wisconsin; Minnesota; Great Lakes; Bird Conservation Region 12; Bird Conservation Region 23; BCR 12; BCR 23
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