Longhouse National Scenic Byway

Area Status: Open

Longhouse Scenic Byway is a 36-mile loop byway that runs through the Allegheny National Forest. Visitors will often feel as if they are driving through a tunnel as they drive through the northern hardwoods of the Allegheny, surrounded by oak and black cherry.

The byway circles the Kinzua Creek arm of the Allegheny Reservoir and there are several campgrounds and picnic areas along the byway, including Jakes Rocks Overlook.

The byway begins at the intersection of Route 321 and Longhouse Drive. As you begin your drive you will pass Red Bridge Recreation Area, a campground and bank fishing area.

As you continue your drive you will continue your drive through hardwoods and hemlock until you near the top of the plateau and come upon the Old Powerhouse.

The route then passes by the Bradford Ranger Station before you continue on Route 59 toward the Allegheny Reservoir.

On this stretch you will come across Morrison Run Trail and access to the Rimrock Overlook and Trail. After the entrance for Rimrock you will reach the reservoir, with Kinzua Beach to the left and Wolf Run Marina to the right.

After driving over Cornplanter Bridge you'll need to turn left onto Longhouse Drive. Visitors who veer right will take a loop up to Jakes Rocks Overlook, while those who continue straight on will travel pass Dewdrop Recreation Area, Elijah Run Boat launch and Kiasutha Recreation Area before they reach Route 321 again.

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Open Season: January - December
Information Center: sm.fs.anf@usda.gov

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