Mount Evans Wilderness

Crater in Mt Evans Wilderness.

Mount Evans Wilderness was designated by the United States Congress in 1980 and now spans 74,401 acres. Mount Evans Wilderness area includes two 14,000-foot peaks (14,264' Mt. Evans and 14,060' Mt. Bierstadt) and contains alpine tundra, bristlecone pines, bighorn sheep, and mountain goats. Deer and elk inhabit the sub-alpine areas. Over 100 miles of trail provide access to the area.

The highest paved road in North America, Mount Evans Scenic Byway, is the only road to access the heart of this territory. Mount Evans Wilderness is located west of Denver, Colorado, south of I-70 and north of Highway 285. The Scenic Byway, the 14,000 foot peaks, and close proximity to Denver all contribute to very heavy visitor use. 

Always use Leave No Trace techniques to help keep this area wild, clean and pristine.

At a Glance

Usage: Medium-Heavy
Restrictions: Wilderness regulations apply:
  • Motorized equipment, or mechanized transportation is prohibited, including motorcycles, chain saws, power drills, bicycles or carts. Landing of aircraft is also prohibited, including hang gliders, parasails or drones. Wheelchairs suitable for indoor use are exempt.
  • Group size is limited to15 persons and/or 10 saddle, pack, or draft animals.
  • Camping and campfires within 100 feet of trails, lakes, or streams is prohibited.
  • Pets must be on a hand-held leash at all times.
  • Short-cutting switchbacks on trails is prohibited.
  • Stock must not be hobbled, tethered or picketed within 100’ feet of any lakes, streams or trails.
  • Visitors may not possess unprocessed plant material. All horse and stock feed must be processed.
Closest Towns: Idaho Springs, Colorado
Water: Treat all non-potable water before consuming.
Operated By: Forest Service

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