Caribou Dispersed Camping Area


Photo showing a campsite marker for designated camping in the Caribou area

The Caribou Townsite is five miles northwest of Nederland. There are 11 numbered, designated campsites located along the National Forest System Road 505, which emerges to the north and west from Five Points. See the "At A Glance" section below for important information.

A four wheel drive high clearance vehicle is recommended. There are no facilities in this area. Camping is permitted in designated campsites only (click here for a map).

The Boulder Ranger District Motor Vehicle Use Map displays National Forest System routes open to motorized travel and is available online and at the Boulder Ranger District offfice.

This road is open seasonally. For current information on road openings and closures, check the Road Status Table.

At a Glance

Current Conditions: No facilities. Camp only in numbered sites.
Usage: Heavy
Restrictions: Camping is limited to 14 consecutive days in one location. After 14 days, the campsite must be moved a minimum of three miles. Camping can then continue for another 14 days. Camping is restricted to 28 days in any 60-day period. A significant amount of private property is located within this area. Do not trespass.
  • Read the kiosks in the area for rules & regulations, fire & shooting restrictions and Stay the Trail information.
  • High clearance four wheel drive is recommended.
  • Stay on the well-marked designated routes.
  • Do not drive off the roadways or into any of the high alpine meadows.
  • The Eldora side is a technical, narrow and steep route. The shelf road is just barely wide-enough for even small SUVs.
  • Pack out what you pack in. Do not litter. Bury human waste in catholes 6-8 inches deep at least 200 feet from water.
  • Camp only at clearly marked campsites within 50 feet of a numbered marker. All campsites are first come, first served. Do not cut standing trees, living or dead. Check on current fire restrictions before having a campfire by contacting the Boulder County Sheriff. Campfires must be out cold to the touch when leaving the campsite for any length of time

Sites 1 – 2 are easily accessible and clearly marked off the FS 505 headed towards Eldora.

Sites 3 – 5 are located off of the same route but across the creek in thick vegetation, narrow, rocky terrain and are clearly marked.

Sites 6 & 7: located off of that route across the creek up high in the thick timber. Access to those two sites is narrow, steep, and rocky.

Sites 8 – 11: located along the route between Rainbow Lakes and the Caribou townsite.


Water: Streams; treat water for drinking.
Restroom: Practice Leave No Trace principles
Information Center: Boulder Ranger District, 2140 Yarmouth Ave, Boulder, CO 80301, Phone 303-541-2500, Fax 303-541-2515; Contact Us

General Information


From Nederland, follow Colorado Highway 72 west for 0.5 miles from the traffic circle. Turn west on County Road 128 and follow it five miles to Five Points (identified by the five-way intersection; loosely-organized parking area and gated roads). Numbered campsites are scattered along both segments of NFSR 505 and its off-shoots within 1.5 miles of Five Points.

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Dispersed Camping

The old Caribou Townsite is located five miles west of Nederland in an area known locally as "Five Points." Eleven numbered, designated campsites are located along National Forest System Road (NFSR) 505, which emerges to the north and west from Five Points. Camping is permitted in designated campsites only.
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