East Eagle Trail #33

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This is a nice trail for a day hike because it is not as steep as many of the trails in this area.

At a Glance

Usage: Light
Best Season: April through December
Information Center: Clifton Ranger District
(928) 687-8600
TTY: (928) 687-1807

General Information

Directions: From Clifton take Highway 191 north 67 miles to trail #33, turn left onto the dirt road and proceed about 1/2 mile.
General Notes:
  • Connects Eagle Creek Road with US 191
  • Access to Crabtree Trail #22, Salt House Trail #18, McBride Mesa Trail #26, and Dry Prong Trail #45.
  • Carry plenty of water and treat any water you find before drinking.

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Day Hiking

This is a nice trail for a day hike because it is not as steep as many of the trails in this area. The access road to the trailhead passes by the location of an old sawmill camp. Not much remains except for a few pieces of machinery and vehicles.

Some good loop opportunities exist using East Eagle Trail as a starting point. The trail was partially reconstructed and re-routed in 1994 with support from the Arizona State Trails Heritage Fund and the Trailblazers, a local volunteer group from Greenlee County.

Sawmill Cabin is reached after 7.5 miles. This cabin is maintained by the grazing permit holder but is open to the public. You are asked to leave it as you found it or better. West of Sawmill Cabin the canyon widens out. Previous floods have washed away much of the trail so you will need to pick your way through the rocks. The trail ends or starts west of the cabin at Honeymoon Campground.

Trail Log:

  • 0.0 Junction with Eagle Creek Road #217
  • 2.0 Junction with Dry Prong Creek and East Eagle Canyon
  • 6.0 Junction with Salthouse Trail #18. This concludes six miles of jeep road.
  • 6.25 Junction with Hot Air Trail #15 which heads south
  • 8.25 Junction with Crabtree Trail #22. Elevation 6000
  • 12.6 Junction with US 191 at 7200 feet

USGS Maps: Hannagan - 302SE, Hannagan -302SW

Elevation desc6,000 feet to 7,200 feet
Usage: Clifton Ranger District
(928) 687-8600
TTY: (928) 687-1807
Best Season: April through December
Difficulty Level: Moderate

Horse Riding & Camping

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  Area/Length : 
12.6 miles

  Latitude : 

  Longitude : 

  Elevation : 
6,000 feet - 7,200 feet