Long Draw OHV Loop Trail

Area Status: Open
Long Draw OHV trail

Located on the Mogollon Rim approximately 50 miles northeast of Payson. The route is a 30-mile loop starting at either Long Draw North Trailhead (Chevelon Crossing Campground) or Long Draw South Trailhead (Chevelon Lake Campground). The route is restricted to street-legal /licensed vehicles (vehicles must have a m/c plate and OHV tag.) Trailheads includes staging area, toilets and campsite facilities. The trail takes you through a forest of pinyon pine and juniper intermixed with Ponderosa, oak, and Douglas fir. The trail follows existing forest service level 2, 3, and 4 roads and offers some challenges to riders along the FR 213 section of the route.  The Long Draw Trail is generally open all seasons, however, routes may be closed due to winter snow, or high fire danger.

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23.6 miles