Grant Cabin Shortcut Trail - # 306

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The Northwest portion of the Blue Range Primitive Area where this trail is located has been severely affected by the Wallow Fire of June 2011. The area is currently open to public use and entry - HOWEVER trails may not have been recently assessed or maintained for hazards associated with the fire, so plan your trip accordingly.

Please keep in mind that any area affected by the wildfire can be prone to hazards such as falling trees, flooding and burned out stump holes. The environment you are entering is highly susceptible to rainstorms and wind events. Any time you enter the forest, you should be aware of your environment and changing weather conditions. You are responsible for your own safety! Always look up, look down, and look all around.

This shortcut connector provides a route from Grant Creek Trail (# 75) on the rim of Grant Creek Canyon to Upper Grant Creek Trail (# 65) along the canyon floor.


Like all Wilderness and Primitive Area trails, this trail is open to hiking and horseback riding, but motorized and mechanized travel are prohibited.

This shortcut connector offers access between # 65 and # 75  trails or to Long Cienega Trail (# 305) without having to go the long way around via the Paradise Trail (# 74). So doing, it cuts over 4 miles off a loop hike that starts down Grant Creek Trail and returns by Upper Grant Creek Trail. That leaves a manageable but ambitious Grant/Upper Grant Creek day hike of about 10.5 miles rather than one of over 14 miles. It also makes a loop route via Grant Creek and Long Cienega 4 miles shorter than hiking them via the Paradise Trail.

About 100 yards upstream from the point where the trail reaches the canyon bottom "on the only flat land in the canyon," you'll find what's left of Grant Cabin, an old ranch line shack. Only four walls and an old corral remain from the days when cowboys had to virtually live with their cattle. Remains of old copper vessels found nearby suggest that a little moonshining may have been practiced here as well.

Grant Cabin Shortcut, and the nearby portions of the trails it connects, winds through a variety of upland habitats. Relatively solid canopy of mixed conifers, broken intermittently by small cienegas and occasional ponderosa pine stands, covers the highlands. On the slopes of the canyon, pinyon/juniper woodlands cover southern exposures, while colonies of conifers keep to cooler northern slopes. Below their Grant Cabin connection, the environs of Grant Creek and Upper Grant Creek Trails changes markedly as they begin their dive into the lower reaches of the Blue.

Trail Log:

  • 0.0 Junction with Grant Creek Trail (# 75). Junction occurs at a gate about 1.5 miles below P-Bar Lake on the Grant Creek Trail. Trail cuts back to the west at this point.
  • 0.3 Trail is adjacent to a fence. Don't cross through gate!
  • 0.6 Trail crosses rock outcrop and descends through a series of switchbacks (constructed by Apache-Sitgreaves volunteer crew in 1989)
  • 0.9 Junction with Upper Grant Trail (# 65). Grant Cabin and old wooden corral is visible upstream.

USGS Maps: Hannagan, Strayhorse

At a Glance

Usage: Medium
Best Season: May through October
Restrictions: No mechanized vehicles (including mountain bikes) permitted in Primitive area.
Information Center: Alpine Ranger District
(928) 339-5000
TTY: (928) 339-4566

General Information

Directions: Grant Cabin Shortcut is accessible only via other backcountry trails. Grant Creek Trail leads to its upper trailhead. Upper Grant Creek Trail leads to its lower trailhead. For the most convenient access, drive south on US 191 to the south end of Hannagan Meadow and turn left (east) to the Steeple/Foote Creek trailhead. Hike Foote Creek Trail #76 about 3.5 miles to Grant Creek Trail #75 just beyond P-Bar Lake. Follow Grant Creek Trail for approximately 1.5 miles to the Grant Cabin Shortcut. Backcountry Access: Grant Cabin Shortcut is accessible via Foote Creek Trail #76 to Grant Creek Trail #75, Upper Grant Creek Trail #65, and Long Cienega Trail #305.

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