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Lowman RD - near Deadwood Campground

Visit the Lowman Ranger District and explore the Deadwood Reservoir or Bear Valley for camping and fishing fun. The scenic drive from Boise along the Wildlife Canyon Scenic Byway can be accessed at Banks along Idaho State Highway 55. 

The route offers many opportunities to view wildlife especially in the winter months. Temperatures in the summer on the District range into the upper 90s, and are generally dry.

There are many recreation opportunities in the area ranging from roadside hot springs to backcountry travel and white water kayaking. Winter activities include a visit to the hot springs, snowshoeing, cross-country skiing and winter wildlife viewing.



SPRING AND SUMMER HIGHLIGHTS  will always include a trip to Deadwood reservoir.  The reservoir has great fishing, camping, motorized and non-motorized trails and day hikes to explore. Visit the beautiful Bull Trout Lake where you will find every type of summer recreation fun.  The kids will love catching a a trout for dinner from the Lowman Nature Ponds!



Deadwood area campgrounds are normally closed in late September. Toilets at Bull Trout Campground are locked in fall.

Remaining campground out-houses are open, but without amenities or trash disposal. Please bring your own water. Gates remain open until snow fall.

Please call the District if you have further questions.  (208-259-3361)

Make your reservations at www.recreation.gov.



WINTER RECREATION HIGHLIGHTS  -  Check out the updated Idaho Parks and Recreation website!

Idaho Department of Parks and Recreation Activities:  Snowmobiling   Nordic skiing   Rent a Yurt! 

For more information on passport renewal, registrations, regulations and permits for winter recreation visit: Idaho Department of Parks and Recreation.

Specific Areas for Snowmobiling in Southern Idaho



Lowman Ranger District

7359 Highway 21

Lowman, ID 83637

(208) 259-3361

Office hours: 8:00 am - 4:30 p.m. Monday through Friday

District Ranger: Traci Zimmerlee


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At a Glance

Operational Hours: Weather and conditions permitting most campgrounds are open from late May until mid September. Depending on conditions, some campgrounds may extend closure date until September 30. Deadwood Campgrounds and Bull Trout Campgrounds are the exception. Both are high elevation areas and unually don't open until the end of JUNE, due to snowpack and close in September. Also, the Scott Mountain Road 555 is a bad choice to travel to the Deadwood area. Better to go through Cascade along 579 road or Banner Summit along 579 road. Scott Mountain road is rocky, narrow and inacessible for boat trailers or mobile homes. Check with the District for updates.

Recreation Map

Map showing recreational areas. Map Information


Mountain Biking

Deadwood-Julie Creek Loop - For the extremely fit, experienced mountain biker; the first 12 miles of this loop involve a steep, arduous 3,200-vertical-foot climb up Deadwood Ridge. But the effort is rewarded with an exhilarating descent down Julie Creek and a scenic ride along the Deadwood River back to the start.  The trailhead is located at Deadwood Campground and rises straight up a steep ridge and winds through a shaded ponderosa pine and Douglas fir forest.

After reaching Julie Creek junction (a great place to stop, rest and enjoy the view), the trail heads downhill for the last 12 miles or so back to the campground.  The ride can also be enjoyed in reverse (going up Julie Creek and down Deadwood). The trail is single-track except for a 2WD road for about 7 miles along Deadwood River. 

To get there from Banks, cross the bridge over the South Fork Payette River and go right.  Continue on the Banks-Lowman Road for about 30 miles to the Deadwood Campground on the left, about 7 miles west of Lowman.


Warm Springs Trail - This is considered by many to be one of the premier trails on the Lowman district. The trail is a notable one-way route from Bull Trout Lake south to Warm Spring airstrip for mountain biking enthusiasts.  The 13-mile, single-track path is shared with motorized users and best for advanced mountain bikers, who should be prepared for a strenuous ride when attempting this trail. Although it appears to be mostly downhill, there are plenty of uphill sections that require significant effort. Additionally, most of the riding is on single-track which requires advanced bike handling skills. From the trailhead near Bull Trout Lake Campground, the trail follows undulating terrain through lodgepole pine forests for over 2 miles. It then descends steeply into Deadman Canyon and crosses Deadman Creek multiple times in the next several miles; this section of the trail is the most difficult to negotiate. At the bottom of Deadman Canyon, the trail follows Warm Springs Creek through a fairly wide drainage and crosses the creek on a large bridge about halfway down the canyon. This section of trail has both short climbs and descents. There is a significant climb of just over 2 miles as you leave the canyon bottom which turns into a narrow rocky gorge. As the trail climbs, it provides nice views of the creek in the gorge below. Turn left for the final downhill stretch to the trailhead at the Warm Springs airstrip. To ride from the north trailhead to the south, take Highway 21 to Bench Creek Picnic Area and turn left onto Forest Road 520 to Bull Trout Lake.

Areas for Mountain Biking at Lowman Ranger District and Office

Lake and Pond Fishing

Deadwood Reservoir is a 3,000 acre body of water that is a popular location for multiple coveted species of fish. Idaho Fish and Game keeps the waters well-stocked with Chinook and Kokanee salmon and rainbow trout. Several other species, like mountain whitefish and several types of dace, are also present. There are boat ramps and no limitations on boat type, but there are no docks.  The reservoir is located about 25 miles southeast of Cascade. You can get there via the Landmark-Stanley Road (555), but can be quite rough.  Many visitors choose to take Forest Road 579 between Stanley and Lowman.

Bull Trout Lake is a 100-acre lake in the South Fork Payette Basin that offers great fishing from shore or a non-motorized boat. There is a large campground that is shared with the smaller Martin Lake, which is also for non-motorized use.  A couple kinds of trout and, in season, Chinook and Atlantic salmon and Kokanee can be found in the lake. From Lowman, take Highway 21 north past Grandjean and over Banner Summit. The turnoff to the lake is about a mile past the Summit and then another 2 miles off 21.

Martin Lake may be small, but those in search of rainbow trout find the 6-acre lake to be hugely popular.  Located just a short distance from Bull Trout Lake, it’s easy to go between the two if not successful at the first lake.

Areas for Lake and Pond Fishing at Lowman Ranger District and Office

River and Stream Fishing

Areas for River and Stream Fishing at Lowman Ranger District and Office

Viewing Wildlife

One of the gems of the Lowman Ranger District is the large roadless area that exists throughout the district. The 80,000 acre roadless area in and around Red Mountain includes beautiful alpine and deep canyon terrain inhabited by elk, bear, and mountain goats. The lakes in Red Mountain are nestled in glacially scoured cirque basins, with scenery similar to the nearby Sawtooth Mountains.  Elevations in the Red Mountain area range from 4400 feet near the South Fork of the Payette River to 8722 at Red Mountain.  Visitors should understand that the Red Mountain Lakes are located near the large Red Mountain Fire, which burned approximately 40,000 acres in 2006.  Large tracts of white trunked snag trees are visible in some areas, but ground cover is returning nicely with a mixture of shrubs and grasses.  Huckleberries can be found in many of the burned areas, and flowers are abundant at different times during the summer.  Snag trees can be dangerous and visitors should be extra careful if in those areas, particularly during windy days.  However, snags can fall at any time with no warning, so camping near them is strongly discouraged.

The Bear Valley area is rich with gorgeous scenery and enjoyable recreation opportunities.  The big open meadows coexist alongside stands of pine trees and the winding Bear Valley Creek, which is a major headwater for the Middle Fork Salmon River. Elk are often spotted in Bruce Meadows and a no-fee, non-reservable campground is located off Bear Valley Road on the Forest Road 579D loop. As you travel the roads in this area, you may note that vast tracts of land have been burned with historic large fires.  The most visible is the recent Red Mountain Fire, which burned in 2006.  Fire ecology in this area, especially for dry years, leads to crown fires on many days that while killing the standing trees, helps clear the forest of excessive wood and prepares the forest for new growth.  Lodgepole pine, the predominant tree in the area typically is short lived and fire opens up the pine cones and releases seed which begins the rejuvenation of the forest again.

Deadwood Reservoir has long been a favorite of Forest visitors. The 3,000-acre body of water is about 25 miles southeast of Cascade via Warm Lake Highway.  The scenic high-mountain reservoir was created by the construction of Deadwood Dam, completed in 1931. The reservoir has 21 miles of shoreline and is popular for hiking, boating (all types), camping and fishing, particularly salmon fishing.  There are 4 campgrounds in the area.

The Payette River Corridor contains some of the best whitewater rafting and kayaking in the West! Even if you’re not the adventurous type, the rapids are exciting and beautiful to witness.  One of the classic runs treasured by whitewater enthusiasts (and therefore a great place to watch) is from Grandjean to Kirkham Hot Springs.

Areas for Viewing Wildlife at Lowman Ranger District and Office

Viewing Scenery

Areas for Viewing Scenery at Lowman Ranger District and Office

Recreation Areas

Recreation Activities


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