Bull Creek Trail


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Bull Creek Trail - The trail leaves from its junction with the Middle Fork Payette River Trail and follows Bull Creek upstream to the ridge between the Deadwood River and Bull Creek before terminating at its junction with Forest Service (FS) Road 478. 

The trail starts in the ponderosa pine forest types and passes through Douglas-fir up to subalpine fir.

The trail is single track motorized from its junction with the Middle Fork Trail to approximately 1.0 mile from the junction with the Silver Creek Summit Trail, where it becomes a 2 track with a 48 inch limit.

Approximately 0.75 mile from the FS Road 478 it becomes a single track again. This is a heavily used trail so watch out for other motorized users.

This is a remote area so be prepared for any problems that may arise.

The Bull Creek Trail begins at the end of its intersection with Silver Creek Summit Trail.


Additional Information for mountain bikers -


For intermediate mountain bikers, the Silver Creek Summit Trail is 7 mile round-trip single-track route follows the headwaters of Silver Creek, shaded by spruce and fir trees. 

The trail eventually intersects with the Bull Creek Trail.

The entire ride affords spectacular scenery with big granite slabs from the summit, wildflowers and expansive views.

The path climbs about 1,450 feet to Silver Creek Summit, which is 6,250 feet in elevation.

Many bikers prefer to stop at the summit, where an aluminum width limiter is installed, and turn around. 

After the summit, the trail descends steeply and goes into the Bull Creek drainage. 

To begin the journey, go to the end of Forest Service Road 671 where the trailhead is located.

At a Glance

Usage: Heavy
Closest Towns: Emmett, Idaho
Water: None

General Information


From Boise, Idaho, travel State Highway 55 north 38 miles to Banks, Idaho.

From Banks, turn east onto State Highway 17 (also known as the Banks/Lowman Road) and proceed about 10 miles to the Crouch turn-off.

Head north through Crouch on the paved road, which becomes Forest Service (FS) Road 698.

Continue along FS Road NF 698 for approximately 15.0 miles to its junction with FS Road 671.

Turn right on FS Road 671 and travel approximately 10.2 miles to its junction with FS road 671E.

Proceed north on NF-671E for approximately 1.8 miles to the end of the road, where the Silver Creek Summit Trail begins.

Bull Creek Trail begins at the junction and end of Silver Creek Summit Trail.

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  Area/Length : 
3.4 Miles

  Latitude : 

  Longitude : 

  Elevation : 
4505 - 7998


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