Willow Creek Trailhead (Mountain Home)

The Willow Creek Trailhead is a signed site with a restroom and registration box. It provides access to the #300 trails of the  Danskin Trail System.

All trailheads have space for parking.


There are three main sections of the Danskin Trail System and three main access trailheads named with 300, 400 and 500 numbers.

The Danskin #300 group is accessed at the Bender Creek Trailhead.  (Latitude 43.52809 / Longitude  -115.86913).

The Danskin #400 group is accessed at the Willow Creek Trailhead.   (Latitude 43.53598 / Longitude  -115.81146).

The Danskin #500 group is accessed at the Three Point Mountain Trailhead.  (Lattitude 43.49981 / Longitude  - 115.92080).

At a Glance

Operational Hours: April 11 - January 1  (or until closed by snow) 

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