The Rainbow Basin Trail is 4 miles in length and restricted to pedestrian use only.  Motorized vehicles and pack stock are not permitted. 

The trail winds through the Rainbow Basin, a cirque formed by past glacial action.  Cirque lakes are formed at the head of glaciated valleys and are usually small and relatively shallow.  The basin contains nine such lakes.  The lakes for the principal water source for major strams in the area. 

At an elevation of 8500 feet, the area is steep, rugged and granit headwalls with rocky ridges. 

Rainbow and Cutthroat trout can be found in the lakes and the Idaho Department of Fish and Game maintains an active fish planting schedule. 

A variety of wildlife can be seen in the area.

Hikers can access the 4-mile Rainbow Basin Trail System from Big Trinity Lake.

General Information


From Boise, Idaho, travel 40 miles toward Mountain Home, Idaho. 

At Mountain Home, take exit 95, (State Highway 20) and proceed 35 miles to the Pine/Featherville turnoff.

Travel north on Forest Highway 61 for 29 miles to Forest Service (FS) road 172.

Proceed 15 miles northwest to FS road 129. Travel 3 miles south to the Trinity Recreation Area.

The trailhead is at Big Trinity Lake Campground.

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