Gros Ventre Geological Site

The Gros Ventre Geological Site is a large paved parking area directly below the famous Gros Ventre Landslide which formed Slide Lake, and is the direct access to the Gros Ventre Geological Trail #4073. It is located directly off the Gros Ventre Road out of the town of Kelly. Several large informational panels provide historical accounts and pictures of the landslide, which are the only facilities located on site. Dispersed and fee camping, as well as bathrooms are located nearby. Parking area is large enough for trailer turnaround. No cellular service available.

On June 23, 1925, hurling down the slope at 50 mph, the mile-wide Gros Ventre Slide carried 50,000,000 cubic yards of debris down the mountain and then another 300 feet up the opposite slope. The Slide blocked the Gros Ventre River, and formed a five-mile long body of water known today as Lower Slide Lake.

Today the Gros Ventre Slide is a large geologic scar marking the north side of Sheep Mountain and can be seen from miles around. At the site of the Gros Ventre Slide there is an interpretive trail that winds through the jumble of debris and new growth that resulted from the Slide. Interpretive signs at the turnout describe this historic geological event, providing insight into how such a powerful land movement occurred. Geologically speaking, the mountains in this area are relatively young and still quite active. Earthquakes can be felt year-round as evidenced by many smaller slumps present throughout the Gros Ventre Corridor, but none yet as dramatic as the Gros Ventre Slide.

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Closest Towns: Kelly, Wyoming
Restroom: Restrooms are located nearby in campgrounds.

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Starting from the Town of Jackson, Wyoming, head North on United States Highway 189 (US-189 same as North Cache Street) traveling about 7 miles, then make a right turn onto Lower Gros Ventre Road for about 8 miles, you will be passing through the town of Kelly, Wyoming, then make a right on Gros Ventre River Road (Forest Road 30400). Travel on the Gros Ventre River Road for approximately 5 miles, where you will see the pullout for the Gros Ventre Geological Site on the right.

Approximate travel details from the Town of Jackson: 20 miles, 30 minutes. Driving time from Jackson is approximately 25 minutes.


Parking area is large enough for trailer turnaround.

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Several large informational panels provide historical accounts and pictures of the landslide.