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Fall in the Snake River Canyon

Welcome to the Snake River Canyon

The Upper Snake River is known worldwide for it’s crystal clear waters, unique geology, numerous recreation adventures, and amazing varieties of wildlife. The ability to experience wild water, world-class fishing, great hiking, and memorable camping are just a few of the reasons we all visit the Snake River Canyon. The privilege of use carries the responsibility to help care for this unique watershed. Your actions leave an impression on the river and on other people. The most important thing you can bring to the river is an attitude of cooperation and consideration for wildlife and other river users. Adherence to rules and ethics regarding responsible use and a friendly demeanor towards others will leave a positive impression that will prevent the need for more restrictions. Together we can work together to protect this remarkable recreation resource we call the Snake River.

Each summer from the June to August, the portion of the Snake River between South Park Bridge and Sheep Gulch hosts over 200,000 visitors. This is an extremely crowded and sought after section of the Snake River due to the great variety in boating challenges, fishing opportunities and beautiful scenery. In an effort to alleviate some of the crowding, the Jackson Ranger District river program requires special use permits for non-commercial groups over 15 people and for institutional outfitters.

If you are a single kayaker, or a small group we encourage you to help us further reduce congestion by launching at East Table or Elbow boat ramps rather than at West Table boat ramp. East Table boat ramp is specifically a “no-trailer” site to help reduce congestion and the no trailer rule is strictly enforced for this purpose.

Check the water levels before you go.  The river can be very different depending on how high or low the water is, creating new challenges every day.  Get current river flows and make sure your skills and experience are ready for what the river has to offer for the day.

Before your trip make sure you know what the river is running like.  Even though you may have floated this portion of the Snake many times, the water levels and conditions may differ.  Making sure your skill and experience level matches that of the section you plan on floating and bringing plenty of safety equipment including suitable life jackets, throw ropes, spare warm clothing, etc. can help make for a successful float.  Check out our safety information before you go.

There are several river accesses and campgrounds along the river.  If you are launching a boat, you are required to use the existing boat ramp facilities at access points.  Please browse our Activities list below for river access sites and campgrounds along the Snake River.

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General Information


The Snake River Canyon is located south of Jackson and runs along Highway 89 to Alpine, Wyoming.  At Hoback Junction turn right at the fork in the road and travel across the bridge over the Snake River and onward.


Parking can be very limited at river access points.  This is especially true for West Table Boat Ramp, (the main put-in for the whitewater section), and for Sheep Gulch Boat Ramp (the main take-out for the whitewater section.  Anything you can do to reduce the number of vehicles for your group will help create space for other river users to also be able to access the river.


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