Bridger Wilderness

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The Bridger Wilderness rests within the Wind River Mountains and extends 80 miles along the Continental Divide, holding the headwaters of the Green River. Home to 7 out of 10 of the world's largest glaciers, the landscape is continuously breathtaking with hundreds of high alpine lakes, glacial cirques and wide sweeping valleys. The highest point in Wyoming, Gannett Peak rests on the shared boundary with Fitzpatrick Wilderness offering mountaineers a great and memorable challenge. With elevations ranging above 13,000 feet, winter weather is always just a breath away, the combination of elevation and potential cold working together to create a truly wild feeling throughout the Wilderness. 600 miles of trails await hikers and horseback riders who wish to temporarily lose themselves in this landscape of granite and endless hidden gems of lakes and creeks.

For information on specific activities such as hiking and horseback riding, see the list of "Activities" below, which provides links to detailed trail information. The Bridger Wilderness has some specific requirements in regards to group size and permits may be required. Make sure to check our permits section for this information.  In addition, bear food storage is mandatory on the Pinedale Ranger District north of Boulder Creek within and outside of the Bridger Wilderness and is highly recommended throughout the rest of the Pinedale Ranger District. While visiting the Bridger Wilderness, you may cross over onto the Shoshone National Forest.  Be aware of changing regulations when you cross over the Continental Divide into the Shoshone National Forest.  

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