History Trail

History Trail


Difficulty:  Easy          Trail Use:   Light

Length:     3.4 miles from Trail Cr Trailhead to Teton Pass parking lot

Elevation:    6518 ft at Trail Cr Trailhead, 8425 ft at Teton Pass parking lot

Open to:  Hikers, Equestrian

Trail Highlights:

  • From Trail Cr T.H, the trail follows an old road bed shortly until reaching an open meadow.  It then heads into the forest and immediately crosses the creek on a log foot bridge.  It parallels the creek for the next couple miles, winding through large pine and spruce trees.
  • The trail goes through several sections of open meadow mixed with pine forest with nice views of the creek.  It crosses the creek a few times on both large and smaller foot bridges and reaches a junction with the Crater Trail. 
  • Past this junction the trail continues to climb through the forest on a newly constructed reroute.  It crosses a series of newly constructed turnpikes and follows the old historic wagon route. 
  • The trail gets into a higher open meadow area where it switchbacks several times and eventually meets up with another old road bed.  From here it continues to climb across open slopes with beautiful flowers and great views until reaching the top parking lot.


  • From the History Trail, you can connect to the Crater Trail, the Phillips Pass Trail, Old Pass Road or the Black Canyon Trail at the top of Teton Pass.

Important Information

  • NEW:Teton Pass History Trail Walk Through
  • There is an excellent brochure that goes along with this trail. To view the History Trail brochure click here.
  • This is a horse and hike trail only. No mountain bikes are allowed on the History Trail. 
  • Please keep your dogs under control and pick up the poo. 
  • Always check the kiosk at the Trailhead for important information pertinent to the trail.
  • This trail is located on the USGS quad map for Teton Pass.  For a map of the Teton Pass Trail System click here.

At a Glance

Current Conditions: Call Tim Farris, Trail Supervisor @ 307-739-5414 for current trail conditions.
Restrictions: This is a horse and hike trail only.  No mountain bikes are allowed.

General Information



This trail can be accessed either from Trail Cr Trailhead or the Teton Pass parking lot.  To get to Trail Cr T.H., from Jackson, head out Highway 22 to Wilson and head up Teton Pass a minute or so.  Take your first left at Trail Cr Road across from the Heidelberg.  Drive down this road until reaching a parking lot.  Park here and take the trail leaving from the lower kiosk.  This trail follows an old road bed and will take you across a bridge into an open meadow.  After crossing the bridge, stay to the far right and you’ll find the History Trail.  To access from the Teton Pass parking lot, head out to Wilson and go all the way up Teton Pass to the top.  Park here and the trail takes off from the kiosk and heads across an open slope down into the drainage.

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