Elephant Rock Trail

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Motorcycle Trail, but can also be used by Mountain Bikes, Motorcycle, and in the winter months can be used for cross country skiing, snowshoeing and snowmobiling. 

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Information Center: For more information contact:  Questa Ranger District, P.O. Box 110, 184 SR 38, Questa, NM  87556


OHV Riding & Camping

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OHV Trail Riding

Trail is open for Motorcycles.


From Red River, travel west 3 miles. Motorcycle trail begins at the parking area west of Fawn Lakes Campground and climbs north to the rock formation called Elephant Rock. From here, 3 inner loop trails bring you back to Highway 38. A fourth trail travels west along the ridge for approximately 4 miles before it descends in a northerly direction to join Forest Road 134 in Cabresto Canyon. From Cabresto Canyon, motorcyclists can travel east and return to Red River on either Forest Road 134 or on Sawmill Road, Forest Road 597.

Recommended Direction of Travel:
South to north for all riders. Less experienced riders should stay on the loop trails on the south slope and not drop down into Cabresto Canyon. There is a steep, difficult portion of trail on the north side.

The continued availability of these trails for your use is dependent on your compliance with the following:

  • Noise: Loud noise in the back country can be disturbing to wildlife. Please use stock mufflers.
  • Season: May 25 - October 15. Elk, deer and other wildlife use this countain for winter range. Disturbance at this time can drive animals from important habitats. Food is often scarce late in the season and motorcycles can disturb weakened animals, forcing them to use limited energy reserves. In the spring, disturbance can drive animals from the area during critical birthing season.
  • Gates: Please observe closures. They are in place for resource protection, wildlife protection or for the motorcyclists safety.
  • Open Trails are signed with directional arrows. Closed trails are signed with a Dead End notice. All others trails are closed. Use of closed trails may result in the elimination of this trail system.
  • Trails: Resist the urge to pioneer a new road or trail or to cut across a switchback. Erosion takes a long time to heal. Stick to routes open for motorized use.
  • Spark Arrester: Avoid fires in dry brush. Install spark arresters.
  • Swollen Creeks: Use caution in summer storms. Mud flows can be very hazardous to machine and rider.
  • Lots of roads dead end. If you stay on this loop you will get a full days ride.

Length: 9 miles to reach Cabresto Road.

Difficulty Level: Most Difficult
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  Area/Length : 
9 miles

  Elevation : 
8,400 feet - 8,380 feet