San Juan Bay Cabin

Area Status: Open

A 14 x 16-foot rustic cabin.

Sleeps 6, table, wood stove, oil stove, splitting maul, saw, rainwater catchment barrel, outhouse.

No running water, electricity, mattress or bedding, cooking utensils, cut firewood, or stove oil.

At a Glance

Reservations: Cabin reservations can be made up to 180 days in advance by calling 1-877-444-6777 (518-885-3639 overseas)  or visiting Cabin reservations (check-in  & check out time) are from noon to noon.
Fees: Per night prices range from $50-60 (2018 prices) depending on season. Cabin fees are based on non-peak/peak season. Seasons vary by cabin. A non-refundable service fee will be added to each reservation by
Closest Towns: Cordova, Seward
Water: rainwater barrel
Restroom: outhouse
Information Center:

Cordova Ranger District
P.O.Box 280, Cordova, AK 99574
(907) 424-7661

General Information


Cabin is 80 miles Southwest of Cordova in San Juan Bay on the southwest end of Montague Island. Access via wheel plane (60 minutes from Cordova, 50 minutes from Seward) on the beach at low tide. Click here for local tide information. (Click Predictions for MacLeod Harbor on Montague Island in Prince William Sound.) Landing area on beach is approximately 1/2 mile from the cabin.

General Notes:

Inclement weather conditions may cause an extension of your trip during any time of the year and winter access can be difficult due to snow and ice conditions. Bring extra supplies to last 2-5 days. Bring initial supply of water. Boil surface water 5 minutes before drinking. Bringing a personal cooking stove is recommended. Remember to pack out your trash. You can contact a U.S. Forest Service office to receive more detailed information on safety precautions.

Recreation Map

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Cabin Rentals

Occupancy of Forest Service cabins is by permit only ($35 per night per party). Reservations may be made up to 180 days in advance by calling (877)444-6777 toll free, (518)885-3639 for overseas or via internet at

Reservation required?: Y
Permit required?: Y

River and Stream Fishing

Dolly Varden
Pink Salmon
Coho Salmon
Mid July - Mid September
Mid July - Mid August
Mid August

The cabin is about a mile south of San Juan Creek, so it’s a bit of a hike to get to the fishing. However, there are good runs of coho and pink salmon and lots of Dolly Varden - so the walk is well worth it. There was one group last year that couldn’t get flown home for a bunch of extra days because of dense summer fog. But, they said, there was no way anyone with a fishing rod could go hungry - although they did get a bit tired of pink salmon and rice, pink salmon with noodles, pink salmon surprise, and Dolly delight for 12 meals straight.

One interesting thing to note is that this part of Montague Island uplifted about 35 feet in the 1964 earthquake. The bay drained when the area was raised and now the bay is a meadow with the creek running through it. A new Sitka spruce forest is starting and there should be a mature forest in another 200 years.

Even though the area was uplifted, you still need to watch the tides because the creek is tidally influenced in the lower reaches. Places where you could wade earlier in the day may get too deep to cross later on and you might have to go quite a ways upstream to find a crossing site.

Permit required?: Y
Difficulty Level: Intermediate to Difficult

Big Game Hunting

Wildlife includes brown bear and Sitka black-tail deer. 

Permit required?: Y
Permit: For sport fishing regulations visit the Alaska Department of Fish and Game web page at Alaska Department of Fish and Game 
Difficulty Level: More Difficult

Recreation Areas

Recreation Activities


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