Green Island Cabin

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A 16 x 20-foot rustic cabin, fully wheelchair accessible.

Sleeps 6, table, wood stove, oil stove, splitting maul, saw, rainwater catchment barrel, outhouse.

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Reservations: Cabin reservations can be made up to 180 days in advance by calling 1-877-444-6777 (518-885-3639 overseas)  or visiting Cabin reservations (check-in  & check out time) are from noon to noon.
Area Amenities: Accessible,Drinking water
Fees Per night prices range from $50-75 (2018 prices) depending on season. Cabin fees are based on non-peak/peak season. Seasons vary by cabin. A non-refundable service fee will be added to each reservation by
Information Center:

Cordova Ranger District
P.O.Box 280, Cordova, AK 99574
(907) 424-7661

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The Green Island cabin is on a narrow peninsula with one side facing Gibbon Anchorage (a shallow bay) and the other side facing Prince William Sound. It’s the newest cabin on the District and has, perhaps, the most scenic setting of all. Access is via floatplane (40 minutes from Cordova, 60 minutes from Seward) or boat (75 miles from Cordova, 70 miles from Whittier, 100 miles from Seward). Boaters should use caution and watch for uncharted rocks in this area.

Located on a forested isthmus between Gibbon Anchorage and Prince William Sound. Surrounding terrain is flat and forested with muskeg openings.

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River and Stream Fishing

East of the cabin on the Prince William Sound side, there’s a creek with coho salmon, pink salmon, cutthroat trout, and Dolly Varden.

The coho salmon run in the creek isn’t particularly large, but the fishing can get hot when schools of coho are nosing around the mouth of the creek and sometimes in the bay at high tide. It’s possible that schools of coho from other areas add to the numbers as they wander around the Sound searching for their natal streams. I’ve heard mixed reports on the coho fishing: great to kinda slow. But, I haven’t heard of anyone getting skunked. (Not even this cheechako biologist from Washington who swore he was catching kings because he thought the fish were just too big to be cohos. – Coho have white gums around their teeth on the lower jaw, and the Alaska record is 26 lbs.)

Pink salmon spawn in most of the little creeks flowing into the bay and in the main creek. They’re smaller than coho, but they put up a good fight when they’re bright and fresh. Some of the lakes in the area have good-sized cutthroat trout and Dolly Varden, including some sea-run fish in those systems that don’t have barriers between the lakes and the ocean. If you have a boat, you can fish for halibut and rockfish in the nearby ocean waters.

Fees: Occupancy of Forest Service cabins is by permit only ($35 per night per party). Reservations may be made up to 180 days in advance by calling 1-877-444-6777 (518-885-3639 overseas) or via internet at Maximum stay for this cabin is 7 consecutive nights.
Reservation required?: Y
Permit required?: Y
Permit: For sport fishing regulations visit the Alaska Department of Fish and Game web page at Alaska Department of Fish and Game 
Difficulty Level: Intermediate to Difficult


Drinking water
Accessible fully wheelchair accessible
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