Pacific Crest Trail - Fred Canyon to Kitchen Creek

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Pacific Crest Trail - Fred Canyon to Kitchen Creek Road

Trail Views

Elevation Change



2.5 miles point to point/5 miles roundtrip

Pets Allowed




Hike/Ride Time

2 - 4 hours



Best Seasons

Summer, Fall, Spring; Avoid during winter months


Map provided below

Ranger District

Descanso Ranger District - (619) 445-6235

This short and easy segment offers nice views of the surrounding cities with little incline or elevation change (550 gain if walking uphill from Kitchen Creek and downhill if walking from Fred Canyon). The shorter distance make it great for a half day hike and perfect for families or beginning hikers. For those looking for an introduction to the PCT, this trail is best completed during the summer, fall, and spring seasons as the winter can get very cold, occasionally bringing snow and rain.

This trail has parking for 3-5 vehicles at either end. However, if hikers are looking to park on Fred Canyon Road, an SUV or higher clearance vehicle is suggested.

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At a Glance

Restrictions: Mountain bikes are prohibited on the PCT.
Operated By: Forest Service


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  Area/Length : 
5.0 Miles

  Elevation : 
3560 - 4169