Area Status: Open

Partially open to vehicles less than 53 inches wide

General Information

We offer over 51 miles of system OHV trails and roads traversing through beautiful scenery and challenging terrain.  Most of the OHV recreational opportunities on the Descanso Ranger District are displayed on the Corral Canyon OHV Area map.  This guide is designed to provide the off-highway vehicle enthusiast with information, regulations, and travel tips while using National Forest lands.

The trails vary in elevation from 3,400 feet at Corral Canyon Campground to 4,169 feet at Bronco Peak and vary in degree of difficulty from novice to advanced.

The Corral Canyon OHV area is not an OHV "park". Off-highway vehicle recreation is just one of the many used allowed on the National Forest.  So please ride with care and always be prepared for other vehicles that may be coming toward you.

Off-Highway Vehicle Route Markers are found on designated OHV trails. On these markers you will find signs and decals designating the type of use recommended, level of difficulty, and system number which corresponds to the map and guide.  The OHV guide/map may be obtained at any forest office.  Markers with signs, or decals with a red slash mean the route is closed to that type of use.

USFS approved Spark Arresters are required year round.

Green sticker riding season is year round.

Red sticker riding season is October 1 - April 30. (This also applies to OHVs that are registered out of state.)


Dry summers, steep slopes and dense vegetation characterize the Cleveland National Forest and during the hot summer months, wildfires are a constant threat.  Please do your part to protect your forest from the ravages of wildfire.

If you are planning on camping outside of a campground you need Visitor Permit from a Forest Service Office. Wood fires and charcoal fires are prohibited. Use of portable liquid or solid fuel stoves is permitted.  Stoves must be used in areas which have been cleared to a minimum of 3 feet in diameter from flammable vegetation. For information on permits, contact the Descanso Ranger Station.

At a Glance

Current Conditions: Open
Operational Hours:


Corral Canyon OHV Area offers two campgrounds with rustic conditions in a beautiful setting.
  • Corral Canyon Campground has 20 sites with fire rings and a vault toilet.
  • There is no potable water in this campground.
  • Bobcat Meadow Campground has 20 sites with fire rings, and a vault toilet.
  • There is no potable water in this campground.
Permit Info:

Green Sticker Placement

California DMV no longer issues a renewal sticker, but instead a new OHV "license plate" upon each renewal. The OHV license plate must be affixed in a specific location on an off-highway vehicle. Required placement of the license is as follows:
  • Motorcycles: On the left fork leg, either horizontal or vertical, visible from the left.
  • All Terrain Vehicles (ATV): On the left rear quadrant on permanent plastic or metal frame members visible to outside inspection.
  • Sand Rail, Rail type Buggies: On the left quadrant of metal frame, visible to the rear.
  • For better adhesion, clean surface thoroughly. Remove any old license plates.

OHV Sound Regulation and Enforcement

The 101-dB(A) legal limit on sound produced by an off-highway vehicle is enforced in all areas of the Cleveland National Forest, including but not limited to the Corral Canyon OHV area. It is the OHV enthusiast's responsibility to know the rules and regulations and to abide by the laws enforced in this area. Information on these regulations can be obtained by visiting the California State Parks OHV Website.


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