Templeton Trail

Area Status: Open
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Templeton, H.T., and Baldwin Trails

These trails have Cathedral Rock as their centerpiece. They are very scenic, but mostly un-shaded and can be very hot in summer.

The Templeton Trail begins off the Bell Rock Pathway just north of Bell Rock, goes under Route 179 through a tunnel and heads northwest. It intersects the H.T. Trail at 1 mile. The Templeton Trail continues northwest and onto a shoulder of Cathedral Rock where it intersects the middle of the Cathedral Rock Trail at 2.4 miles. The Templeton Trail continues ahead over level ground and curves around the north end of Cathedral Rock where there are great views. It then descends steeply and follows beside the creek for a time. The trail ends at 3.5 miles at its intersection with the Baldwin Trail (described below) which comes in from the left through a fence line and continues ahead.

H.T. Trail is a 3/4 mile connector trail which goes northeast, passes under Route 179, and ends at the Bell Rock Pathway about 1/4 mile south of the Little Horse trailhead parking area. Good views of the Chapel area rock formations and Courthouse Butte.

The Baldwin Trail starts across the road from the Red Rock Crossing (Crescent Moon) parking area near the end of the Verde Valley School Road. It heads east and soon drops down a bit to the valley floor, near but out of sight of the creek. At 1/2 mile, it meets the end of the Templeton Trail. The Baldwin Trail forks sharply right and climbs moderately through a draw between Cathedral Rock and a red rock butte. Nice views of Cathedral Rock and back to Wilson Mountain. It levels out and then begins a gradual descent to the southwest and ends at Verde Valley School Road at 1.6 miles.

At a Glance

Fees: Red Rock Pass or America the Beautiful Pass required to park at the trailhead.
Usage: Light-Medium
Busiest Season: Summer
Closest Towns: Village of Oak Creek, Sedona, AZ
Operated By: Red Rock District - 928-203-2900

General Information



  • Templeton: This trail has four access points:
    1. Bell Rock Pathway 1/3 miles north of Bell Rock.
    2. Little Horse Trail parking area (Route 179 and mile post 309.8) and taking the Pathway south .3 miles to the H.T. Trail and then 3/4 miles southwest.
    3. Cathedral Rock Trail for 0.3 miles from its trailhead off Back O'Beyond Road.
    4. Baldwin Trail (described below).
  • Baldwin: There are three access points for the Baldwin Trail.
    1. Red Rock Crossing (Crescent Moon) parking area near end of Verde Valley School Road (4.8 miles from Route 179).
    2. Verde Valley School Road 4.0 miles from Route 179 (no trailhead parking).
    3. Templeton Trail (described above).


  • Bellrock Pathway (Map): 34°48'19.8"N 111°46'00.5"W
  • Little Horse Trail (Map): 34°49'07.0"N 111°46'16.9"W
  • Cathedral Rock (Map): 34°49'30.7"N 111°47'18.3"W
  • Crescent Moon (Map): 34°49'35.7"N 111°48'25.5"W


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Map showing the Templeton, Baldwin, HT Trails


General Notes:

Length: Templeton: 3.5 miles; Baldwin: 1.6 miles, H.T. (connector trail): 0.75 miles

Rating: Easy

Hiking time: 2 to 3 hours

USGS Maps: Sedona

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See Bicycle Restriction: Red Rock Country under Forest Orders for information about off-trail biking and permitted slickrock areas in the Sedona area.

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  Area/Length : 
3.5 miles

  Latitude : 

  Longitude : 

  Elevation : 
4325 at trailhead