Red Rock-Secret Mountain Wilderness

Area Status: Open

This collection of cliffs, buttes, and canyons has to rank as one of nature's most magnificent masterpieces. It certainly is one of the most colorful. Red is the predominant hue here among these 43,950 acres of wind and water sculpted pinnacles, windows, arches, and slot canyons. The area is criss-crossed with trails that take you everywhere from the deepest gorges to the most prominent panoramas. Along these pleasant paths you'll discover wonders made both by nature and by some of the area's earliest human inhabitants. Watch the canyon walls and high cliffs for rock art and abandoned dwellings as diligently you keep an eye to the horizons for vistas and breathtaking overlooks.

As you part the chaparral to emerge into a hidden grotto or clamber up a slick rock slope to a dizzying precipice, you may even experience the unmatched thrill that you could have been the first to see whatever you've stumbled upon. One thing you'll surely rediscover here among the manzanita and red rocks is your own sense of wonder.

Trails in the Wilderness

All trails into the Wilderness start in the Red Rock Ranger District except Secret Mountain Trail #109, which is accessed from the Flagstaff Ranger District.

Additional Source: The Wilderness Institute.


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Red Rock-Secret Mountain Wilderness


At a Glance

Closest Towns: Sedona, AZ
Operated By: Red Rock District - 928-203-2900

General Information


Location: 15 miles south of Flagstaff and just a few minutes from Sedona.

Access: You can get to this sprawling area from a number of highways and forest service roads. Major access points are off Route 66/FR 231, U.S. 89A and FR's 152, 152D, 152C and 525.



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Red Rock Secret Mountain Wilderness Map


General Notes:

Attractions: Wilderness solitude, trails for hiking and horseback riding, backpacking, red rocks, pinnacles, arches and buttes, photography, wildlife viewing, cultural resources


  • No motorized or mechanized vehicles permitted in the Wilderness including mountain bikes.
  • This area can be quite hot and dry in summer.
  • Please follow proper cultural resources etiquette. Do not deface ruins or remove artifacts.


Day Hiking


Horse Riding

General Info: