Sedona Area OHV Routes

Sedona Area OHV Routes

Eleven different OHV routes are highlighted within the Sedona area of the Red Rock Ranger District, ranging from Easy (dirt forest road) to Extreme Difficulty (4-wheel drive and high clearance necessary). Please keep in mind there is no operating a motor vehicle off an open and authorized road.

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Fees: Casner Mountain requires a free permit, which are limited each year and can be obtained by calling the Red Rock Ranger Station at 928-203-2900. Soldier Pass requires a permit at least 72 hours in advance, which can be obtained through
Usage: Heavy

General Information

General Notes:

Map of Sedona Area OHV RoutesClick on the map to see a larger PDF version for more details concerning each of these routes. (Use Ctrl + to zoom and Ctrl - to zoom out when viewing the map).

  1. Ranch Loop - 6.5 mile loop
  2. Cliffhanger - 5.5 miles one-way
  3. Diamondback Gulch - 6 mile loop
  4. Outlaw - 10.5 mile loop
  5. Casner Mountain - 6.75 miles one-way
  6. Powerline - 6.5 miles one-way
  7. Smasher Canyon - 3.5 miles one-way
  8. Vultee Arch - 4 miles one-way
  9. Soldier Pass - 2.5 miles round-trip
  10. Schnebly Hill - 11 miles one-way
  11. Broken Arrow - 4 miles round-trip

Please respect neighborhoods when passing through, by obeying speed limits and minimizing noise.


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