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These designated dispersed camping areas, slated to open summer 2022, will provide eight main areas for dispersed camping that will accommodate up to an estimated 200 campsites in total.

This system will protect natural resources, keeps the landscape being dotted by the creation of dispersed campsites, and still provides many places for visitors to camp and enjoy the beauty of west Sedona.

Dispersed camping in these designated areas will remain free and are on a first-come, first-served basis that allow up to 14 days of camping. Dispersed camping outside of these designated sites and all campfires will be prohibited when full implementation is complete in the summer of 2022. For more information on how this area was designated, the public scoping process, and the Decision Memo, please visit the West Sedona Designated Dispersed Camping and Day-use Area project page.

At a Glance

Current Conditions: Currently under construction with plans to open in summer 2022. Check back later for updates.
Operational Hours: All 8 camping areas are open 24/7 on a first-come, first-served basis. There is a 14-day maximum stay limit.
Reservations: None required.
Area Amenities: Tent camping,Camping trailer,Parking
Fees: None.
Usage: Medium-Heavy
Restrictions: Charcoal and wood campfires are prohibited. Stoves and grills operating solely on liquified petroleum gas that can be turned on and off are permitted.
Closest Towns: Sedona, Cottonwood
Information Center: Along FR525, there are 5 designated camping areas:
  • Surprise (3.72 acres)
  • Windmill (1.41 acres)
  • Cockscomb (3.23 acres)
  • Greasy Spoon (2.47 acres)
  • Nolan (11.85 acres)
Across from FR525 is FR89B, which has 2 designated camping areas:
  • Javelina (1.24 acres)
  • Angel Valley (1.14 acres)
A short distance down Highway 89A from FR 525 is FR9570A, which includes 1 designated camping area:
  • Rockview (10.82 acres)

General Information


West Sedona Designated Campsites Map Click here for Google Map location of the intersection of SR89A & FR525

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West Sedona Designated Dispersed Camping and Day-use Areas Decision Memo

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