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Truly the foothills of the Rocky Mountains, the Newport-Sullivan Lake Ranger Districts are found in the most northeastern portion of Washington State with Canada as their northern boundary. Reaching from the Three Rivers Ranger District Boundary, it encompasses two of the highest peaks in eastern Washington. Abercrombie, the second highest is found west of the Pend Oreille Valley. After crossing the Pend Oreille Valley the Districts then climb to the highest peak in eastern Washington, Salmo Peak, found in the Salmo-Priest Wilderness  Following the ridge south, rather than the State line, the District goes all the way down to the city of Newport.

The Newport-Sullivan Lake Ranger District prides itself its outdoor opportunities. The southern portion is frequented by off highway vehicles, while the north is visited more by those who enjoy mountain biking, hiking, and water recreation. Home to the largest mammals in the state, the Newport-Sullivan Ranger Districts are the home to Grizzly bears, Black bears, cougars, bobcats, moose, elk, wolves, and mountain sheep.

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315 North Warren Newport, WA 99156

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