Crest Trail #270 Jctn Saddle to Sentinel Peak

The southeast leg of the inverted “Y“ formed by the Crest Trail leads from Junction Saddle to Sentinel Peak. The rest of this high country trail is described on the guide pages entitled “Crest Trail #270 (Barfoot Lookout to Wilderness Boundary)” and “Crest Trail #270 (Wilderness Boundary to Monte Vista Lookout).” This part of the trail leads to a number of features of interest including Sentinel Peak, the southernmost summit in the Chiricahuas (8,999 feet high). Actually, Chiricahua Peak is also accessible via this part of the Crest system, and Snowshed Peak is a one-mile side trip off the trail. Dark, cool Douglas-fir and Engelmann spruce stands dominate for about the first mile of the trail as it bends around the summit of Chiricahua Peak. Beyond that, the trail follows a course with a more southerly exposure through stands of sun-loving ponderosas. This more open canopy means more frequent views, including some very nice vistas of upper Rucker Canyon and even views into Mexico. An especially good stretch for views is the portion of the trail between the Snowshed and Price Canyon trail junctions. The view at Sentinel Peak is somewhat obscured by trees; however, from a point a short distance below the summit, the trees open to provide a panorama that sweeps across sizable chunks of Arizona, New Mexico and Mexico. Closer at hand, the southern Chiricahuas stretch out in front of you.

At a Glance

Usage: Light
Restrictions: Motorized and mechanized vehicles and equipment, including mountain bikes, are not permitted in Wilderness. Pack and saddle stock are not allowed overnight in campgrounds.
Water: Water can be found at Eagle and Juniper springs. Purification of water is recommended prior to use
Operated By: Douglas Ranger District
Information Center: Douglas Ranger District   520-364-3468

General Information

Directions: From Crest Trail #270 (Barfoot Lookout to Wilderness Boundary and Wilderness Boundary to Monte Vista Lookout ) or Price Canyon Trail #224.



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  Area/Length : 
5.5 miles

  Elevation : 
8,800 feet - 9,600 feet