Cave of the Bells

Area Status: Open

The Cave of the Bells is a fascinating and fragile underground wilderness which exerts its strongest appeal on Forest visitors who enjoy cave exploration. Though this subterranean gallery of rock, known for its unique and varied suite of minerals and formations, has been thousands of years in the forming, it is nevertheless extremely fragile. A few moments of thoughtlessness here could cause immense amounts of damage. For that reason, and because so many similar areas have been damaged by vandalism, the Cave of the Bells is locked and gated. Keys are available (for a deposit) at the Forest Supervisor’s Office in Tucson for those who wish to visit this unique area. Please contact the Supervisor's Office in advance to schedule a trip.

The Cave of the Bells is located in Sawmill Canyon at the end of a four-wheel drive road on the eastern slopes of the Santa Rita Mountains. 

At a Glance

Reservations: Access key must be reserved in advance of trip via Forest Supervisors office (520) 388-8300, all trip participants will need to read and sign a rule and consent form prior to trip. Trip participants must read and sign consent form and agree to follow regulations and procedures while exploring the cave.
There is a limited number of availabilities per week to access the cave so it is best to reserve well in advance of your trip.
Fees: No fee for this recreation area, but there is a $100 deposit due when you pick up the keys to the cave. Deposit is refunded when the keys are returned. 
Information Center: Nogales Ranger District 520-281-2296